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FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×03- “The Death of Vibe”

The Flash (5×03)- “The Death of
Written by:         Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza
Directed by:       Andi Armaganian
back, let’s go kill Vibe!
After our
first real glimpse of the Flash Museum in the future it’s time to give a more
in depth introduction to Darth Malgus…
I mean
Cicada. Totally Cicada, I don’t mean that they totally aped his look from a video
game character at all because that would be mean and if you’ve learned anything
about me these last four plus years it’s that I’m kind to a fault…
So anyway,
in the future Cicada has achieved Jack the Ripper like status because he killed
a ton of metas and was never caught. Everybody tried and failed but even
worse.  Somehow he’s early!  Way to go Allen family, screwing up the
timeline for two generations and counting!
Also, this
is definitive proof that there’s no Batman in the CW-Verse because a serial
killer in a Universe with a Batman is sooner or later caught by a Batman.
It’s science.
But it’s
okay guys, Nora has a plan and that plan is… Harrison Wells. Specifically, Herr
Wells. The faux-German Wells from the Council of Wells. Cicso is not excited
because that guy is a dick but of course with everyone who isn’t Harry or Cicso
he’s a delightful fellow. Unfortunately, he can’t help but he knows who can!
Wells, of course.  Specifically Sherloque
Wells, this faux-French Harrison Wells is the multiverse’s greatest detective.
(Which we’ve established isn’t true because he’s not a Bruce Wayne.)
Cicada’s got himself a target and in case you couldn’t guess by the title it’s
Cisco and the best way to get to him is Joe.
Back at STAR
Labs, Sherloque wows the gang with some quick deductions about Cisco, Barry’s
shoes and Nora’s body language he gives them his fee and it’s a lot of money so
the idea is for them to sell off some STAR Labs stock which I’m sure won’t come
back to haunt them.
There’s some
shenanigans with Ralph which inspires Caitlin to ask for his help talking to
her mom about her father’s death. 
Meanwhile Sherloque points them at a man named David Hersch.  We later learn that he’s been Cicada in every
other Universe Wells has encountered.
unfortunately for the Team, the ripple effect has changed Cicada to someone
else.  Actually it’s really unfortunate
for Joe because our Cicada has made a visit to Joe looking for Vibe.
Cecile finds
Cicada torturing Joe and calls in the Team but when Cisco arrives Cicada
tackles him through the breach. Cisco’s breach took them out into the forest
but his powers fizzled and without a satellite they have to rely on some fancy
observations from Sherloque to track them to a specific place.
Not to be
outdone, Nora uses the Speed Force to think up a plan that both chases off
Cicada and fakes Cisco’s death which hopefully gives them an ace in the hole
going forward.  Which they will need because
Cicada can apparently fly too.
As they wrap
up, Wells is basically drafted into service until Cicada is taken care of and
Nora is offered the chance to stay with Barry and Iris.  Meanwhile, remember how Caitlin and Ralph
have been working on her father’s disappearance?
Well, it
seemed that her father left behind a suicide note for Caitlin along a game he
used to teach Caitlin the Periodic Table. 
Caitlin’s used this game to find a secret message that hints that her
father is still alive.
Next, we get
to see Cicada’s life when he’s not a serial killer.  Cicada has a daughter in a coma and she seems
to be getting worse.  But it seems she’s
not the only one that’s dying because he seems to have some sort of meta wound
as well.
Lastly, Nora
heads back to STAR Labs looking for her things but has a conversation with
Wells that suggests there’s still more to the reason for her trek through time
and that’s where we’re left for the week.
strong episode, they really do seem to be on a roll this season.  I’m not sure how I feel about the latest
version of Wells other than I find it weird how consistently shady these guys
are.  Makes me wonder what the original
Earth One Wells was like.
apparent backstory may have nuked the theory I was coming up with for the
season that he’s the time displaced twin of Nora but after watching a second
time I’m not so sure. Anyway, if he ends up being Henry Allen Jr, you heard it
here first.
Lastly, if I
haven’t said it before now, I’m genuinely happy that everyone seems to have
something to do this season. It was something I was worried about last season
because characters with something to do is more entertaining than characters
that just kind of float around in the shots.
Also, time
for some housekeeping.  I’ll be out of
town from the 15th to the 25th of November… Way out of
town… So out of town it won’t even be the same day where I’m at.
I’m going on
an honest to God vacation to Tokyo and will be unable to review Episodes 5 and
6 this season. At least right away…  But
you’ll be good hands while I’m eating ramen and going to robot cafes (Literally
something I’m doing.) so don’t fret kids.
As for next
week, we’ll take care of that one together next week.  See you then.
Things We Learned:
1)      Cecile’s
powers may not be completely gone.
2)      Nora’s
return to the past has caused Cicada to be someone else. (Or has something else
cause this?)
3)      Caitlin’s
father may have faked his suicide.
4)      There’s
been at least 37 other earths where Cicada was someone else.  (Thirty-Seven? Somewhere this man is happy:)
1)      Did
Caitlin’s mother help her father fake his suicide?
2)      Who
was watching Caitlin via camera?
3)      How
badly will selling off STAR Labs stock come back to bite the team’s ass?
4)      What
was the secret reason Nora came back and how long will it take Sherloque to
figure it out?
5)      What
happened to Cicada’s daughter?
6)      Can
she recover and is that why he’s killing Metas?

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