Anime Review : Gantz:O

I was a skeptic about this one, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to review it. Half of the sources I looked up claimed it to be horror, the other half did not. But after watching the movie, I could see the horror genre in it, so I decided to add this on this list.

Gantz:O is a CGI animated movie based on a manga called Gantz. In Gantz:O, we follow a group of people who’ve been resurrected and are forced to fight different types of monster.

This movie confuses me. It feels the need to be animated. But the animation style is like video game cinematics in most triple-A games these days. Why does it confuse me? The script comes off as the writer wrote it with live action in mind.

Putting the confusion aside, how was the movie? The movie has some top quality animation. Some of (if not the most) realistic 3D animation I’ve seen overall. The voice acting is good, although not the best I’ve heard coming from Japanese voice actors.

The story is rather straightforward and harmless. While it might be confused with its format of choice, it knows what it wants to tell when it comes to the story with its middle of the road script. While I have seen more intriguing action scenes, they are fun to watch and easy to follow.

It’s not the first anime movie I would recommend, but it is not something that I pull out some cross in front of it and demand it to stay away. It’s a run of the mill anime movie in a pool of much superior material. If you have time to spend, and nothing to do this could be something to watch. It’s 1 hour and 35 minutes long and is currently available on Netflix. 

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