Mark Strong Sheds Doubt on Potential Sinestro Return for the DC Cinematic Universe

2011’s Green Lantern movie was a misfire, to say the least. However, one of its brightest aspects is undoubtedly Mark Strong’s portrayal of Sinestro. The actor’s performance was a perfect adaptation of the Green Lantern Corps member who will one day turn rogue, with a post-credits scene teasing his betrayal. However, with the movie bombing and a reboot in the works, we will not see that happen.

Despite the film’s flaws, many fans have hoped that Strong’s Sinestro will return for the DC Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, yet not surprisingly, the actor does not expect that he will return to the role.

During an interview with MTV (transcription via ComicBook.com), Strong is asked if he could reprise the role of Sinestro in future DC movies, such as Justice League. He explains that, since Sinestro’s next big screen appearance will be a reboot from the 2011 film, another actor will likely be cast. “Well, I think the Sinestro I did pretty much belongs to the world of the one, you know, we created. And with a reboot I think it has to be a fresh broom, doesn’t it? So I’m sure they’ll go for a whole other look and whole other group of actors. I’d be very surprised if they imported my Sinestro from our one.” However, he is pleased with how his Sinestro was handled. “I was really proud of that one and I think we really did it justice to the way he is in the comics.”

A new Green Lantern movie is set to hit theaters on June 19th, 2020, with the character (Hal Jordan or John Stewart?) first appearing in the two-part Justice League epic. It is unknown if Sinestro will return in the reboot, but since he is such a key character in the Green Lantern mythos, it would be ideal. Who do you think should play the next Sinestro?

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