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Recap: ARROW S7 E4 – Level Two

After the events of the last episode, Ollie and moved on to stage two of the supermax prison. Level Two is where they keep the most dangerous criminals. Ollie went there with the hopes of finding The Demon. Things did not go as planned.

Ollie meets this man named Dr. Jarret Parker, he seems to try and break down his patient’s psyche. He’s confronting Oliver, telling us that all of his issues start with his father, Robert Queen. We see flashbacks of season one where he tells Oliver to write his wrongs and gives him a list. Right before killing the man next to him and killing himself. This is what pushes Oliver to eventually become the hood. This plays extremely well because we know the effects Lian Yu had on Oliver. Dr. Parker claims that this is going to lead William down the same path.

We then see Oliver and William on the same boat. The scene plays out slightly different. Instead of forcing his problems on his son, he tells him that he loves him, telling him that he will survive this. This shows that Oliver never wanted his father’s mission. He only did it so his death wouldn’t be in vain. This has perfect synergy with the flash forwards. Yes, they are back after taking the last episode off. We find that we are in the dark timeline. Felicity is dead, the Glades have cut themselves off from the rest of the city, leading to vigilantes acting as “the resistance”. William and Roy discover that Smoak Technologies is left in shambles, and Dinah is leading the resistance. Star City looks a lot like it did on the Legends of Tomorrow episode “Star City 2046”. Could this be the same Star City? Is the outcome inevitable? We don’t know. Also, what leads to Felicity’s death?

In present-day Star City, Felicity still has Silencer. She goes to Laurel for help because she can’t make her talk. The two actually have an interesting dynamic, but yet again, Felicity is going too far. If Black Siren is asking you to reel it in, chances are you overdid it. Laurel convinces her to stop trying to act tough and use her real skills. So, Felicity plants a tracker on Silencer and lets her escape. Meanwhile, Dinah and Rene have a run-in with the new Green Arrow. Dinah doesn’t trust him, but Rene sees it as someone trying to do good. They argue but eventually work things out. Sidenote: Could Green Arrow be female? The full cowl might be hiding something.

This entire episode showed how parents’ decisions affect their children. William gets wrapped in his families demons in the future, just like Rene’s daughter, Zoey, is the new Black Canary. The show has gotten heavy. Can’t wait to see where it goes. 
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