5 Things We Want to See in the Arrowverse’s Future

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Despite the end of Arrow, the future of the franchise it launched, the Arrowverse, is brighter than ever. All of the current shows – The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman – will be back for new seasons next fall. Additionally, Black Lightning is now involved, and two potential shows – Superman & Lois and Green Arrow & The Canaries – are in the works. This all comes after the groundbreaking Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

With The CW fully committed to the Arrowverse’s future, there are still plenty of things that fans want to see. Below, we list five of those things.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS for the Current Arrowverse Seasons, Including the Arrow Series Finale and Crisis on Infinite Earths.]

A Challenge of the Superfriends

The Arrowverse has not shied away from referencing the classic Super Friends cartoon. We have a Hall of Justice, we had a Legion of Doom, and Crisis on Infinite Earths even teases Gleek, paving the way for the eventual arrival of the Wonder Twins. So, in the future (next year’s crossover?), go all in on that influence. Pitting the team against a revamped Legion of Doom would be perfect. With Lex Luthor in the picture, have him assemble a team of supervillains. Especially in the post-Crisis continuity, there are a lot of options for the new Legion. Gorilla Grodd? Mirror Master? A resurrected Captain Cold? The possibilities are endless. And, of course, pay off on that Wonder Twins tease.

Have a Green Lantern in the League

The Arrow series finale paid off a longtime fan theory regarding John Diggle. While we never see the ring, it’s pretty clear that he is becoming Green Lantern. It would be a shame if we never see Diggle beyond this scene, especially since he’s moving to Metropolis. While DC has its limits on what The CW can and can’t do, there has been a lot of wiggle room in recent years (Bruce Wayne in Crisis, multiple Supermen, etc.). Have Diggle’s Green Lantern join the Super Friends/Justice League at some point. Come on, it’d be too perfect.

Bring in Stargirl…Eventually

DC Universe’s Stargirl will also air on The CW soon. The series was established as part of the Arrowverse’s post-Crisis continuity, taking place on the new Earth-2. If any DCU show were to properly cross over with The CW, this would be the obvious choice. However, don’t do it right away. Give Stargirl enough time to establish itself, similar to Black Lightning and Supergirl. Then, when the timing is right, they can cross over. Maybe this is how our heroes will discover that a new Multiverse is out there.

Release the Batman

For the longest time, any Batman reference on The CW has been a long shot. That has changed in recent years. The shows got to namedrop Bruce Wayne and Gotham City multiple times, Batwoman is exploring that world, and a version of Bruce himself showed up in Crisis. Huge difference from when Arrow first premiered. However, fans are still waiting for Batman in his prime to make a full-fledged appearance. While that still seems like a longshot, so have many things that have happened. Similar to how Supergirl eventually introduced Superman, it wouldn’t be surprising if Batwoman brought in the Dark Knight sooner or later.

A Final Crisis

We’ve had Crisis on Earth-X. We’ve had Crisis on Infinite Earths. But there is still room for one more Crisis to complete the trilogy. In the comics, Final Crisis had a huge impact on the DC Multiverse, including the deaths of many heroes. While not right away, it would be cool to see the Arrowverse go a similar route. They can finally bring in Darkseid (maybe as the shows’ next big bad?), and they can send off some heroes. For example, when The Flash ends its run, maybe have Barry Allen die during this Crisis. But regardless, a final crisis is inevitable for the Arrowverse’s future.

What do you want to see in the Arrowverse’s future? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @WOBAMEnt.

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