5 Characters Who Can Replace Kate Kane as The CW’s Batwoman

A couple weeks ago, it was announced that Ruby Rose had exited from the lead role on The CW‘s Batwoman. The news was shocking, as the Arrowverse has never lost a series lead like this before. Multiple reasons were given as to why Rose left, but at the time, it was said that the role of Kate Kane will be recast.

Despite that, recent reports have suggested that a new character will assume the mantle next season, rather than recasting Kane. While unconfirmed, it would make some sense. It would free the show of the risk of bringing in a new face for Kane for fans to get used to, and it would leave the door open for Rose to return later on if she wanted to. However, considering how connected Kane is to everyone on the show, suddenly bringing in a new lead character is risky.

Regardless, a new character does have some potential, and if the show goes that route, we’ll be interested in seeing what happens. Below, we list five characters who could take over the mantle of The CW’s Batwoman.

Bette Kane

Bette Kane has taken a few personas in the comics. She was introduced as Betty Kane, the Golden Age “Bat-Girl,” before being reintroduced as the hero Flamebird. She is also the other cousin of Kate Kane, who eventually agrees to train her. So far, Batwoman has not referenced this character, but Bette would fit well into the world. The show would have an opportunity to expand Kate’s family, and it keeps a Kane under the cowl. Plus, there is comic book precedence for Bette being Batwoman, which happened in the “Titans Tomorrow” comic book arc.

Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain is one of several characters to assume the Batgirl mantle in the comics. She has also had the personas of Orphan and Black Bat. Cain is a fan-favorite character, and while she made her live action debut in the Birds of Prey movie, it’s unclear if she will be in future films. This could lead to her assuming the mantle of Batwoman on The CW. It would allow the Arrowverse to establish its own unique take on the hero, who was also Batwoman in the “Titans Tomorrow…Today!” comic book story.

Stephanie Brown

Another fan-favorite character, Stephanie Brown is best known as the vigilante Spoiler, but she has also taken the mantles of Batgirl and Robin in the past. On top of that, in the 2019 Wonder Comics Young Justice series, the Earth-3 version of Brown is Batwoman. She is a cool character who hasn’t been depicted in live action yet. What better way than a reimagined hero who becomes the Arrowverse’s Batwoman?

Kathy Kane

Kate Kane reinvented the Batwoman character in recent years, but she wasn’t always like that. Originally, Kathy Kane was created in 1956 as a love interest for Batman, in an attempt by the writers to combat allegations of the Dark Knight being gay. Kane was later reinterpreted for modern continuity as Batman’s aunt, as well as a member of the spy organization Spyral. If they brought Kathy into the Arrowverse, they can do anything, but bringing Spyral into the world would be cool.

An Original Character

While all of these characters are rooted in comic book lore, Batwoman can decide to go outside of the box altogether. The show has created original characters before, so the possibility is there for someone new to become Batwoman. It happened in the animated movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, which introduced three original characters who wore the cowl. Again, the idea of suddenly replacing Kane (who’s connected to everyone on the show) with someone new is risky, but depending on the writers’ execution, anything is possible.

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