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Recap: ARROW S7 E1 – Inmate 4587

Arrow is finally back! After a solid 5th and 6th season, Arrow seems to have found its groove. We pick up five months after the events of last year’s finale. Ollie is in prison and the rest of Team Arrow is trying to move on with their lives. With Ricardo Diaz still on the lose, the team is trying their best to bring him to justice, all while trying to do so within the confines of the law.

Oliver has made plenty of enemies over the last seven years,with his identity revealed, a ton of the inmates want a piece of him. Unlike Barry Allen, Oliver’s time in prison is trying to break him. He’s doing everything he can to not only survive, but to also keep his fighting spirit. This Ollie we see is trying to keep his head down and avoid all signs of conflict. That’s something we haven’t seen from Oliver. Ever. It’ll be interesting to see if prison life changes his character permanently.

With Oliver locked up, Felicity is now a single mom. She and William are trying to live like normal people. Of course, that doesn’t go according to plan because Diaz pays the Queens a visit. He shows up with the intent to kill both Felicity and William. Somehow Felicity was able to fight off Diaz, giving ARGUS enough time to get there. Considering Diaz gave Team Arrow and Black Siren fits last season, this fight took me out of it. It wasn’t bad but it was a bit of a head-scratcher.

The next thing we have are the classic Arrow flashbacks, at least that’s what they want us to think. We see this guy travel to Lian Yu, it has the grayish filter that all of the flashbacks typically have. Maybe it’s a new villain, maybe he’s the son of an old villain, maybe he got there before Oliver and Sara. All are logical possibilities, but no one could have guessed what was actually going on (except my mom, she legit called it the very first scene). The young man is William, played by Ben Lewis, and he meets up with an old Roy Harper. I honestly don’t have any idea what’s going here. We do know that William and Roy are guaranteed to live until the end of the series unless we have another time-altering event. We also know that Colton Haynes will be a series regular, so instead of present day Roy, maybe we stick with these flash-forwards?

Overall, Arrow season 7 started out really strong. Some good character development and the future twist left us in shock. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes.

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