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Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 Episode 1

Holy animation craze Batman. Three manga/anime related reviews in such a short amount of time? Maybe I should change my twitter handle to Animemaniacs after all. Anyway, after my week of Attack on Titan related posts, it felt like a no-brainer to cover season 3. Wasn’t so sure if I should do an episode by episode review, or an overall season review like the previous two. But after some days of thinking, I decided to try the former just for the sake of it. 

Without further ado, let the review begin.

The mystery from season two just keeps getting bigger as Eren and his friends are on the run.

Unlike the previous season’s first episode, we don’t get a short recap. It goes straight to the point with the episode establishing where the characters are and why. The voice acting is good like always. The pilot episode is a great kick-off to what I hope is yet another home run. That doesn’t mean that I have some few issues with it. Two to be exact.

The first one is the opening theme. The opening theme is something that I probably should have mentioned in my review of the previous seasons, due to how legendary when you speak about opening songs for anime. Just like everyone else, I love them. Season three’s opening, however, was a major disappointment. I don’t dislike the song. It’s just the fact that it comes off more as ending theme.

The song’s predecessor creates a hype that builds up for each episode. This one, however, is more like a relaxing pop song that wants to calm the viewer down.

My last gripe is the animation. No, the animation is not bad. But it felt like it was a downgrade compared to the previous seasons. Granted, this could be something that happens due to the shorter time frame. But I hope it gets better from here.

I give this episode an 8/10.

Have you seen this episode, and if so what did you think about this? Comment below and let us know, or tweet at us at @WOBAMEnt.
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