THE BATMAN Reportedly Taking Influence from YEAR ONE, Plus a Production Update

We’ve heard a lot about The Batman in various rumors and reports from other sites, but very little directly from Warner Bros. or DC. Matt Reeves has been writing away, while Ben Affleck is looking increasingly unlikely to reprise the role. Now, a new report sheds some light on Reeves’ approach to the film, as well as when we can expect production to begin.

According to our friend Mario at Revenge of the Fans, The Batman will “bear a resemblance” to Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. (Think of how Batman v Superman had some influence from The Dark Knight Returns.) It’s unknown exactly how much of the original comic will be pulled, but the film will tell an original story.

Also, it looks like Reeves is changing the age range for his Batman. Originally, he was meeting with actors in their mid-30s, which is slightly younger than Affleck. For example, he met with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jack Huston for the role. However, he is now looking for an actor aged 25-30, aka 15-20 years younger than Batfleck. So, Gyllenhaal and Huston are no longer in contention. It also explains why Gyllenhaal moved on to play Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

As for other characters in The Batman, Mario has heard that Harvey Dent is in it, and Jack Huston may now be a contender for that role instead. However, it sounds like Harvey is not Two-Face just yet, which is where some Year One influence kicks in. And, as previously rumored, it sounds like The Penguin will be involved. But neither of these two will be the main villain.

Lastly, it looks like The Batman is still on track to start shooting next year. According to Mario, the film is expected to begin production after The Flash finishes. Last we heard, The Flash is set to start filming early next year, which could be spring. That would place The Batman in summer 2019, which would put it on track for a 2020 release at the earliest. This is also under the assumption that WB shoots one DC movie at a time, which has been the norm for the past couple years.

Hopefully, we’ll hear something official on The Batman soon. For Mario’s full report, click HERE.

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