Feature: Why I Love Dick Grayson

Robin was born with a very general purpose. He was there to give children a character to relate to in Batman’s world. Nine-year-old Michael couldn’t connect to the struggles of having a billionaire playboy lifestyle (neither can 22-year old Michael, but I digress.) Robin was simply there to represent the children who were reading the…Continue Reading “Feature: Why I Love Dick Grayson”


The next animated Batman movie has been announced, but this one is a big deal. Here, the Dark Knight will finally meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment, and Nickelodeon are teaming up for the crossover we all wanted: Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The film is based on the…Continue Reading “BATMAN VS. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Animated Movie Announced”

Last week I talked about Ben Affleck not being in the Matt Reeves directed Batman movie. Now that it’s official he won’t return, there’s rumors and fan casting going around for Robert Pattinson as Batman. There’s many reasons he could be gold in the role, but here’s five. 1. Box Office Draw The first reason is…Continue Reading “Feature: Five Reasons for Robert Pattinson as Batman”

I have been an avid Batman-fan since the 1990’s. I remember watching Batman: The Animated Series and it’s subsequent spin-offs. There was really no live-action incarnation of the Caped Crusader that matched what I experienced on that show. It was a perfect blend of action, detective-stuff and pretty mature (for the time) drama. Then along…Continue Reading “Ben Affleck – The Batman We Deserved”

Ben Affleck Officially Out as BATMAN

Just this morning we got news that director Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes), is moving forward with his next film, The Batman. Now, he has to find an actor to don the cape and cowl. Deadline is reporting that Ben Affleck is officially dropping the tights for good. Affleck has previously…Continue Reading “Ben Affleck Officially Out as BATMAN”

New Details on the Voice Cast of BATMAN: HUSH

Batman: Hush is one of our most anticipated films in the coming year. We haven’t heard much about the project aside from its release date. That is until now. Our friends at Revenge of the Fans dropped some major casting news. While the actors have not been attached to specific roles, we do have their…Continue Reading “New Details on the Voice Cast of BATMAN: HUSH”

DC Reportedly Adapting BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN As a Two-Part Animated Movie

DC Entertainment has looked to Batman stories when it comes to much of its animated movie slate. Now, it appears that the company is tackling one of the Dark Knight’s most iconic tales for its next animated event. Our friend Mario at Revenge of the Fans has learned that an animated adaptation of Batman: The…Continue Reading “DC Reportedly Adapting BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN As a Two-Part Animated Movie”

THE BATMAN Now Eyeing a November Production Start

Last we heard on The Batman, writer-director Matt Reeves said that he was hoping to start shooting in the spring or summer of 2019. Then, we received word that Warner Bros. is in no rush to release the movie, so it could be until 2021 or later before it hits theaters. Basically, Reeves and the…Continue Reading “THE BATMAN Now Eyeing a November Production Start”

FEATURE: 10 Characters We Want to See on The CW’s BATWOMAN

Batwoman is the latest major DC hero to join The CW’s Arrowverse. After her debut in the “Elseworlds” crossover event, Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane is expected to return in her own solo series. Not much is known about the potential show, except that it would follow Batwoman’s adventures in Gotham. Every Arrowverse show has featured…Continue Reading “FEATURE: 10 Characters We Want to See on The CW’s BATWOMAN”

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Director Teases Plans for a Sequel

The LEGO Batman Movie was a hit when it came out last year, following up on the brick-tacular success of The LEGO Movie and expanding its cinematic universe. Now, it looks like a sequel is in development. Director Chris McKay confirmed on Twitter that they are now “working on” a second LEGO Batman Movie. He…Continue Reading “THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Director Teases Plans for a Sequel”