FEATURE: A Hawkgirl Fancast for the DC Cinematic Universe

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DC’s Hawkgirl has always been an iconic character for me, from seeing her as one of the starting seven in the animated Justice League TV show, to her iteration on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. I really would love to see Shayera Hol come to the big screen, either in her own solo movie, or perhaps in a future Justice League movie. I think she could bring an interesting dynamic to the team, especially with Wonder Woman as the current leader (in my opinion) of the team. Below I’ve got five actresses who I think could portray Shayera on the big screen.

5.  Karen Gillian

Karen is the safe choice in the list, and the one who I see the least chance of becoming Shayera with her current role as Nebula in the MCU. But when I’ve thought about Hawkgirl’s portrayal, she’s always the one I see. I think she can pull off the cop side of Shayera after seeing her as Amy Pond in Doctor Who. Doing what was right at all costs was always important to her, and she was great as the Doctor’s companion for that reason. And in her role as Nebula she has shown she can 100% pull off the loner, “I work on my own” vibe that Hawkgirl has had in most iterations. I would love to see her take on the wings and mace of Hawkgirl any day.
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4. Alexandra Daddario

Daddario is an actress who might take on the role of Shayera Hol, but might portray her differently from the other actresses on this list. She could take on a more naive Hawkgirl, which maybe might not work for most people. But with the current Justice League team members we have, a naive Shayera might be a breath of fresh air. She can still be serious, but ultimately can bring new life to the team. Hopefully she would help the team turn a new leaf, and help prepare it for the extraterrestrials they might face. I think she’d really get along with Ezra Miller as well!

3. Nina Dobrev

Dobrev is probably best known for her role as Elena Gilbert and her doppelgangers on The CW’s Vampire Diaries. Personally I love her in the role, and her leaving the show was ultimately the reason for the show’s cancellation. She could put an interesting take on Shayera, and diversify the cast more. There’s not really anything else to say about her, but I think she could be a great pick!

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2. Priyanka Chopra

Let’s be real. Priyanka could play anything and be pretty amazing in it. But I think the one role that stands out to me to why she’s on this list is her Quantico show where she’s probably the only reason that show is still going. She plays an FBI trainee, and then a CIA trainee in the first two seasons of the show. She’s framed as a traitor in both seasons and she finds the evidence to prove she’s innocent and she does it AMAZINGLY. I think she could use that role to her advantage in the role of Hawkgirl.

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1. Sofia Boutella

My definite number one pick on this list is Sofia. She’s got the fire, and the can do attitude to completely pull off the traditional Shayera Hol. I would absolutely love to see her take on the wings and mace of Hawkgirl. She’d be a great fit, especially after her role in Star Trek.

Honorable Mentions: Amy Adams (who would be on this list if she wasn’t already Lois), Chloe Bennet, and Naomi Scott

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