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BATMAN BEYOND Film in Development at Warner Bros.

After the success of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Warner Brothers is planning to develop their own animated film. According to our friends at Geeks Worldwide, WB is pushing for a Batman Beyond film.

Batman Beyond started as an animated series set after the events of Batman: The Animated Series. It focuses on Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle), a teenager who discovers the Batcave in the year 2039. With the help of a now-retired Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy), McGinnis becomes the Batman of a new generation.

We also get this leaked concept art from Reddit users u/kintaro227and u/jaceleak74. GWW says that Warner Bros. is eyeing a 2022 release date, but nothing is confirmed as of now. SuperBroMovies’ Daniel Richtman also confirmed that WAG (Warner Animation Group) is a developing a DC project. So this is getting confirmed by multiple sources.

With Spider-Verse being such a success, it’s not surprising that other studios want to develop their own “Spider-Verse”. What better character to use than Batman? For more all things Batman, stay tuned.

Source: GWW, SuperBroMovies, u/kintaro227, u/jaceleak74

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