Zack Snyder Returns with New Zombie Movie, Plus Details on His Scrapped JUSTICE LEAGUE Trilogy

Zack Snyder launched DC Films’ universe in 2013 with Man of Steel, before expanding the world with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While he originally directed Justice League, he left in post-production after a family tragedy. And as we all know, Warner Bros. took that movie in a different direction, and the rest is history.

Since then, Snyder has been out of the spotlight, with fans speculating as to what he’s doing next. And now, we have an answer.


It has been announced (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Snyder is set to direct zombie thriller Army of the Dead for Netflix. He is producing with wife Deborah for their newly rebranded company, Stone Quarry. Snyder created the story, with Joby Harold writing the script. The story is set during a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, with a team of mercenaries coming together to pull off the greatest heist ever.

The film marks a return to roots for Snyder, whose first film was 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. And he sounds very excited about the creative freedom he’s about to have.

“There are no handcuffs on me at all with this one. I thought this was a good palate cleanser to really dig in with both hands and make something fun and epic and crazy and bonkers in the best possible way.”

Production on Army of the Dead will kick off this summer, with a budget that could pass $90 million.

While Snyder has moved on, fans can’t help but continue to speculate about his original vision for Justice League and beyond. Well, we now have some details on what would have went down in the planned trilogy.


On the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, Kevin Smith shares some details about what he’s heard for Snyder’s Justice League trilogy. You can check out the video below (warning: there is strong language), as well as a rundown of the details…

So, Snyder’s original take on Justice League wasn’t that different story-wise from what we got – at least for the Steppenwolf stuff. The big different? It would have ended with Darkseid‘s arrival, seeing the League through a Boom Tube. Obviously, this would’ve set up the sequel. Oh, and Alfred’s “Let’s hope you’re not too late” scene? That was apparently meant to have Green Lantern, not Superman.

Justice League 2 would see the team take the fight to Apokolips, with New Genesis (presumably) involved. The Green Lantern Corps would have been there too. It would have had an Empire Strikes Back/Avengers: Infinity War-esque ending, with the heroes losing and Darkseid leveling Earth.

Finally, Justice League 3 would have seen Batman’s Knightmare from Batman v Superman come to life. And the film would have seen the League’s last stand against Darkseid.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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