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New Details on the Voice Cast of BATMAN: HUSH

Batman: Hush is one of our most anticipated films in the coming year. We haven’t heard much about the project aside from its release date. That is until now. Our friends at Revenge of the Fans dropped some major casting news.

While the actors have not been attached to specific roles, we do have their names. First we have Jason O’Mara, who has played Batman numerous times. It’s a safe bet that he will be playing The Dark Knight. Next is Jerry O’Connell, who has played Superman in the latest version of the DC Animated Universe. He’s a lock for Kal-El.

Things start to get interesting with the rest of the cast members. Rainn Wilson has played Lex Luthor in the past, but Lex is barely in this story. Unless they differ from the source material and beef up Lex’s role, Wilson may be playing a different character. The same goes for Vanessa Williams and Hynden Welch; both have worked with DC before. In past movies, Willams played Amanda Waller and Welch played Starfire, among other characters. They will likely be playing different characters as neither are featured in the comic story Batman: Hush.

Bruce Thomas and Tara Strong are also listed. They will likely reprise their roles as Jim Gordon and Harley Quinn, respectively. Same with Rebecca Romjin returning as Lois Lane.

Lastly we have Jennifer MorrisonPeyton List, and Sachie Alessio – all of whom are new to the DC Universe.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Batman: Hush hits stores later this year.

Source: Revenge of the Fans

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