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Spoiler Free Review: Pixar’s SOUL

When the aspiring musician Joe ends up in trouble, he finds himself becoming a mentor in something he least expected.

When I started my viewing of Pixar Animation Studio’s latest movie, a feeling of nervousness started to creep up. Everyone and their grandmother hailed this movie as Pixar’s next cinematic masterpiece. And as the credits started to roll, the shoulder started to ease up.

While I might not find the movie to be the animated answer to Citizen Kane, to call Pixar’s Soul deserving of a place in the hall of fame is an understatement.

One of the factors that makes Soul such a phenomenal experience is that they dare cover a tough and broad subject as the meaning of life in a tasteful and flawless manner, while finding a way of keeping it accessible for both young (around 7+ to be precise) and old viewers. The themes that Soul explores are the type that could break a story in half with ease.

The voice acting is phenomenal across the board. Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey are perfect as the two leads of this inspiring adventure. Both worked so well together that I find myself wanting more collaborations between the two in the future. Its animation is some of the finest that Pixar has ever produced.

Simply put, Soul should be on everyone’s watchlist. It is an emotional journey that hits you right in the feels just like a great Pixar movie should.

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