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Review: SWORD GAI: The Animation

Sword Gai: The Animation is an anime based on a manga (aka Japanese comic) with the same name. The story follows Gai, a young blacksmith student that one day becomes possessed by a sword where an evil entity is living. With that, Gai becomes a target of both a secret society called Shoshidai as well as other individuals that been overtaken by demons.

Before I continue with this review and you even thinking about watching this show, let me give you a fair warning. This show is by far one of the most brutal and violent animes I’ve seen. It doesn’t make it easier when the fighting can be rather intense. With that said, let’s continue

The positive
While this show isn’t something that I would call a masterpiece, there is a good thing about this show. For one, the animation. While the animation is far from being on par with something like Batman Ninja that I reviewed earlier, it still does a good job when it comes to present you the world.

Another good thing about this show is the voice acting. While I have heard better voice acting (both dub and sub), the voice work from SWORD GAI is a perfect example of serviceable execution.

The last thing that I find positive about this is the idea. The core elements of what the anime contains. A story about psychological dramas and inner struggles of what means to be a human. Add the fact that the plot acted as if it was the lovechild of Highlander and The Excorsist.

However, let’s continue to the negatives, shall we?

The negative
While I can’t speak for the manga since I haven’t read it, the anime is a prime example of a great idea with an execution lying on the negative side. After episode two or three (can’t remember exact) the show loses the rails it was on and becomes a “let’s introduce weapon after weapon” mess where the story was almost nowhere to find.

Even if I’ve seen/read worse characters, the writing on the character here is sadly rather weak. The reason for that is more than likely the classic example of introducing too much into a too small window of time. A prime example is if last year’s Justice League would be the first in the DCEU.

Even if I’ve seen worse animes, I can’t say with a serious face that SWORD GAI the animation is a good choice. However, I don’t know either if I can’t call it bad either. The show is mediocre, based on an idea that could have been one of the best animes this season.  I will give the show this though. The show had enough positives in it that it (with the right showrunner and writers) be able to pick up the paces to be a legit good adaptation.

If you want to see it, SWORD GAI: The Animation is on Netflix, with 12 episode that is 22 minutes each. If you watch it, I highly recommend you to click in with low expectations.

This show is getting a 5/10 from me.

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