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We will be reviewing the episodes of Private Security, Away Mission, and Rescue Op. This is your spoiler warning.

After a very bleak premiere, Young Justice decided to get back to its more humorous side. Episode four could be considered a filler episode. It focuses on Dick tracking down stolen VR headsets with the help of Bow Hunter Security. The team consists of Roy Harper. All of the Roy Harpers. This episode is pure cheese, and I love every second of it. They have to stop Brick and his thugs, and it is a fun ride. 

Dick is avoiding his responsibilities. He creates a team for this rescue mission in the previous episodes, but then he leaves Brion and Halo to Artemis and Conner. Will (formerly known as Red Arrow) has to keep Dick in check. He has to be there just like Wally did. Dick is adamant about not going back to the team, but Will knocks some sense into him. We also have a side story of Zatanna meeting up with Doctor Fate to see Zatara. It is just heartbreaking. It’s only a few scenes, but it’s a great follow up from what happens in season one.  Private Security very much feels like a season one episode. It’s a one-off with heart, humor, and spectacle.

Episode five is yet another filler episode. This time we’re hanging out with M’gann and Conner. We see that Halo is gaining control of her powers, as well as learning English. Conner’s friends from New Genesis return needing his help. Orion and the New Gods are being framed by shapeshifters; making it appear that the New Gods are oppressing a race of humanoid bugs. Conner stays behind because Nightwing might need his help. Miss Martian takes the Young Justice team (Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Static) and heads to New Genesis.

We discover that M’gann’s brother, Ma’alefa’ak planned this entire scheme. He claims to be doing a favor for his employer because they will help start a White Martian revolution on Mars. The Greens and the Reds have oppressed the Whites since the beginning of the show. Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter have never really tried to change things on Mars; making Ma’alefa’ak’s disdain for them completely believable. The Young Justice team doesn’t get too much focus here. Cass is pissed off because Tim left without telling her. Blue hasn’t said a single word all season, and Kid Flash is still well, Kid Flash. We bring back another refugee. Forager is one of the bugs from New Genesis. He was forced into exile, so M’gann brings him back to the ranch.

Away Mission isn’t as exciting as the first four episodes, but I can see it playing a big part in the future. Who is Ma’alefa’ak’s employer? Is it Darkseid or someone from Apokolips? It would fit their MO, as well as to why Apokolips is in the opening title card.

Lastly, we have Rescue Op. This is undoubtedly the highlight of the episodes released this week. Dick and Babs discover more of Halo’s. Also, Josh Keaton returns to the series, and he’s always spectacular. We learn that Brion’s sister Tera might be held within the League of Shadows. Acting against Nightwing’s orders, Brion, Halo, and Forager take Sphere and go straight to the home of the Demon’s Head.

Nightwing is furious! How can they disobey a direct order? This is pretty much what he and his friends did eight years ago when they rescued Superboy. 

Ah, I hate being the grown up! – Nightwing

Things get intense when Halo (now going by Violet) gets killed by one of the League’s masters. Thankfully, she has a healing factor, so she wakes up. We need to know what her powers are because she has died twice, and manages to come back without a scratch. Ra’s is not happy with this outcome and tells Nightwing that the detective (Batman) would not be pleased. He lets them leave without a fight. Unfortunately, Tera is nowhere to be found.

We learn that Ra’s Al Ghul no longer runs the League of Shadows. Who could it possibly be? Talia has a baby, so we assume that it’s the son of Batman, Damian Wayne. We also have one of the assassins decked out in red going toe-to-toe with Nightwing, and later he realizes that the name “Grayson” sounded familiar. This has to be none other than Jason Todd. These are huge revelations and can play a major role in a potential fourth season. Damian would need a time jump before he’s relevant, but Jason could play a role in the later parts of the season. Nightwing now leads this new team of Halo, Forager, and Brion. They are now known as The Outsiders. The title of this show finally makes sense.

Overall,  Private Security, Away Mission, and Rescue Op were another great batch of episodes. Each one told its story differently from the next while still keeping in line with the tone of the show. Young Justice continues to knock it out of the park.

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