We will be reviewing the episodes of Private Security, Away Mission, and Rescue Op. This is your spoiler warning. After a very bleak premiere, Young Justice decided to get back to its more humorous side. Episode four could be considered a filler episode. It focuses on Dick tracking down stolen VR headsets with the help of…Continue Reading “Review: YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Episodes 4-6”

Picking up a mere two years after Young Justice: Invasion, Outsiders, focuses on metahuman trafficking. The team needs to stop Count Vertigo from kidnapping children and turning them into monsters. Can Nightwing and company stop him? This review will be covering the events from these episodes: Princes All, Royal We, and Eminent Threat. If you haven’t…Continue Reading “Review: YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Premiere”

Top 10 Moments of YOUNG JUSTICE

Young Justice is on its way back after an unbelievably long hiatus. Both season one and two were filled with memorable moments. Today, we will be covering the best of the best from the first two seasons of Young Justice. There will be major spoilers so this is your warning. This is going to be so crash!


Andy Bean (The Divergent Series: Allegiant) and Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009) has been cast as the titular character in DC Universe’s Swamp Thing. Bean will be playing scientist Alec Holland, and Mears will be playing the creature Bean transforms into – the Swamp Thing. The James Wan project continues to add to its cast. Mears…Continue Reading “DC UNIVERSE Finds Their SWAMP THING”

Why BATMAN BEYOND Should Be DC Universe’s Next Live Action Series

After their first show, Titans, it’s time that we give the DC Universe its next project, Batman Beyond. For those of you who don’t know, Batman Beyond is the sequel series to Batman: The Animated Series. It focuses on Terry McGinnis. The Batman of 2039 (the year changed constantly). Terry is a high school kid who…Continue Reading “Why BATMAN BEYOND Should Be DC Universe’s Next Live Action Series”