FEATURE: Five Shows We Want To See On DC Universe

With Doom Patrol now airing on DC’s streaming service, I thought to myself what other properties would be a great fit for the DC Universe streaming service? I really do believe that superhero-properties fits better as TV-shows due to the serialized nature of the comic books. These are five shows we want on DCU!

Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark

This feels like a no-brainer to me, the short-lived Constantine series on NBC was really good in my opinion but sadly NBC cancelled it after just one season. The CW however retroactively weaved in Matt Ryan’s version of Constantine into the Arrowverse. With shorter seasons and a bigger budget, I really think that a Constantine series would be a great fit. While also have it in the same universe as Titans and Doom Patrol. You could also make this into an ensemble show with other magic-based DC heroes such as Zatanna, Dr. Fate and maybe even Shazam? You could also include Swamp Thing which is in production as we speak.

Justice League

Justice League by Alex Ross

This is a risky choice for a live-action show I know, but let’s be real. They are already laying the groundwork for the Justice League to show up eventually. We already have Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman established in Titans. Cyborg is a part of the Doom Patrol, and we are likely going to see either Wally West or Bart Allen in upcoming seasons of Titans. So already there we have a Justice League roster. The biggest concern is special effects, but as we have seen how decent (and sometimes good) the effects look in the big crossover events such as Crisis on Earth X and Elseworlds. I really do believe that it could be achieved. Plus the fact that we practically are going to get a Justice Society of America show in Stargirl; it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to make a JLA show.

The Question

Vic Sage/The Question from Justice League: Unlimited

This has the potential to be an atmospheric and moody crime-noir drama with the Question narrating the story. Max Payne-style. There is no need for big and expensive visual effects and it can be very self-contained. It doesn’t need to tie-in with Titans or Doom Patrol.

Suicide Squad

I am starting to believe that the Arrowverse is merely a test bed for DC’s live-action properties. We got a glimpse of Task Force X in the second season of Arrow and a couple of years later we got the movie from David Ayer. I think a show with the rotating roster of members in the Suicide Squad would be a great way of keeping the show fresh and relevant. It would also make use of some of the villains that will pop up during the course of all the live-action shows on DC Universe. And the benefit of having a Suicide Squad show on streaming is that it can be as violent and sexy as it has the potential to be.

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold from Injustice II #9

A time traveling buddy cop show with the funniest couple in the entire DC Multiverse? Yes please! This has the potential to be a hilarious look at the DC Universe and it could make it possible to see characters and teams like Jonah Hex and the Legion of Superheroes. Think of it as Legends of Tomorrow but with better production design and better written.

What are your dream shows on DC’s streaming service? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @WOBAMEnt!

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