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Despite IRON FIST’s Cancellation, Danny Rand Will Appear in Future Marvel Shows

Last night, it was announced that Netflix has cancelled Marvel’s Iron Fist after two seasons. This marks the company’s first cancellation of a Marvel series, all while the Disney Play streaming service is getting ready to launch. But keeping fans’ hopes alive is the official statement, which says that the Iron Fist character will live on beyond the show. The original report also suggested that a revival on Disney Play may also be in consideration. But now, another report has more insight.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Finn Jones’ Danny Rand will continue to be a part of Netflix’s other shows. Exactly what this entails is uncertain. But Rand guest starred on Luke Cage last season, while he developed partnerships with Daredevil and Jessica Jones on The Defenders – the future of which, as of right now, is unclear. So, he could pop up on any of the other solo shows going on now. And despite Disney Play moving forward, Marvel intends to keep its current Netflix originals on Netflix.

So, even though Iron Fist will no longer have his own series, he will still play a supporting role in future shows. This should be satisfactory to fans of the character.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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