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Why BATMAN BEYOND Should Be DC Universe’s Next Live Action Series

After their first show, Titans, it’s time that we give the DC Universe its next project, Batman Beyond.

For those of you who don’t know, Batman Beyond is the sequel series to Batman: The Animated Series. It focuses on Terry McGinnis. The Batman of 2039 (the year changed constantly). Terry is a high school kid who happens to run into a now-retired Bruce Wayne. Taking place in Neo-Gotham, Terry, with the help of Bruce, becomes the Batman of a new age taking on a slew of new villains and even some old ones.

Batman Beyond is a cross between Spider-Man and Blade Runner. The future setting is something we haven’t seen in any live action DC property. Terry’s wit is also a welcome addition to the DC Universe. What made Batman Beyond special is that it took a classic concept and put a new spin on it, all while staying true to the spirit of the character. Bruce took in two kids in Dick Grayson and Tim Drake; so him taking on Terry was the next logical step. The reimagining of the Batman lore is one of the more creative interpretations in recent years. Batman is a legacy character and we’ve never shown that outside of the comics. And while Nightwing and Robin taking on the mantle is great, Terry has a special place in the Batman mythos. He didn’t take the name because he was just filling in for a short period of time. He earned it and became Batman for a new generation.

With DC Universe expanding its original content, there’s no better option. Batman Beyond is something we haven’t seen in a superhero series or film for that matter. A true successor to an established hero. We’ve had plenty of Batman films but none of them showed us the legacy of the character. With Batman, many have worn the cowl. It’s time that we finally showed that side of the lore.

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