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We’ve heard a lot of Star Wars rumors the past two weeks. Most have been focusing in on different pitches for Star Wars television shows on Disney+. We’ve heard from We Got This Covered, with their exclusive on plans for different Qi’ra, Lando, Finn and Poe TV shows. HN Entertainment has an exclusive out for ideas of different shows; Captain Phasma, young Leia Organa, The Knights of Ren, Darth Bane, and Rose Tico. Now, Star Wars News Net has a report on a development of a limited run Obi-Wan Kenobi show.

Which ones are actually happening? Well we’re just going to have to wait to see what Lucasfilm says in an official press release. There’s multiple ideas for shows, but officially The Mandalorian coming later this fall; while a Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) show coming later this year or early next. There’s a ton of potential in the Star Wars realm, and really, a TV series is probably the best way to do it. Honestly, what might work best is if they take something from Netflix‘s Black Mirror series, and a little something from American Horror Story.

Star Wars Legends has a really neat set of books. Tales from the *fill in the blank* or Tales of the *fill in the blank*. Each anthology relates to the fill in the blank, so Tales from the New Republic revolves around the New Republic and involves different characters. Tales of the Bounty Hunters hits Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, and others. The characters from each story in the book can crossover, but typically each story focuses in on its main character; giving them some background.

Lucasfilm would be wise to take this idea from Legends and run with it. Develop a strictly anthology-based TV series, and focus on a different area of Star Wars each season. Do a “Tales of the Smugglers”: you can hit Qi’ra, Lando, Han, maybe even throw Maz Kanata in it. Tales of the New Republic; you can show the beginnings of the New Republic after Episode 6. Mon Mothma, Leia, Luke, Han, Ben Solo, etc. Heck, they have one anthology book right now I know I’d love to see on screen as another take back to Star Wars: A New Hope(From a Certain Point of View).

These one-offs (or two-three episodes) could also serve as backdoor pilots. One thing Star Wars fans definitely want right now is new material. More exploration of other sides of Star Wars. An anthology series would be a great way to handle this desire from fans; as well as test the waters for new material. TV series’ can be expensive to develop, and this would allow them to see if a full show could be worth it or not. It also allows for an actor to show what the role is worth, because sometimes an actor can draw interest to a story no one thought was worth exploring.

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