FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4×08 “Crisis on Earth X”

The Flash (4×08) – “Crisis
on Earth X”
Written by:         Todd Helbing
Story by:              Andrew Kreisberg & Marc Guggenheim
Directed by:       Dermott
note: I am not review the crossover as whole, this is a review of the Flash
As usual
when the crossover comes around I find myself in an intellectual quandary and
as a result I’ve put off this week’s review until now but it’s time to just rip
off the band-aid.
I am going
to keep this short this week.  I think we’ve
had this discussion every season since Flash vs Arrow.  I am not a big fan of the
crossovers and as they’ve become larger and more encompassing of the DC/CW
shows my feeling on the subject have not changed.
Nor have my
feelings for Nazis as an enemy, not only do I feel that as fictional villains
they rarely have the menace you actually would want them to have because most
of the time the story is content to merely use the short hand of “They’re Nazis”
as both justification and for their villainy and the source of the villainy.  I’m not saying that they’re misunderstood, I
am saying that if you’re writing a story with Nazis as the villain you still
have to actually do the work and make them a villain.
2017 has
added the extra wrinkle of making Nazis as villains somehow even more of a
minefield since a large portion of modern political debate has regressed down
to calling everyone that doesn’t agree with the most left-wing of liberals one
hundred percent of the time a Nazi.  So
forgive me if I’m not interested in giving this crossover any slack.
In the end,
reviews of one quarter of a complete thought are pretty pointless.  I only watched the second night’s episodes
and thought that it was okay for what it was, so I’ll rely on you to make your
own decisions.

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