After the events of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies we have a new adventure for our heroes. This film is the origin of Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. We also team up with Wonder Woman and Big Barda to take down Darkseid. Talk about going big for a sequel! So how does this all come together? Well, let’s find out.

The film has a loose connection to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, but there’s nothing really tying the two together. We see a ship flying through Gotham City and Batman (Kevin Conroy) investigating. We find that the ship was carrying Kara Zor-El (Summer Glau), Superman’s (Tim Daly) cousin. Batman and Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg) are not too keen on the idea of having an untrained Kryptonian walking around. So, they settle on her going to Themiscaria and training with Wonder Woman. All while Darkseid wants her as his new warrior.

The film is a ton of fun! The story is a little thin, specifically Darkseid’s motivation, but it doesn’t hold the film back. The characters are once again a joy to watch, the addition of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Big Barda (Julianne Grossman) really was a breath of fresh air. It gave the film a female presence that was missing in the previous installment. The characters of Superman and Batman are still as awesome as you remember. Seeing them have some strain in their relationship was interesting after their bromance in Public Enemies.

My only gripes are with the animation style and the villain. Darkseid and everything on Apokolips is just weird. The battles are done well, and are entertaining, even leading to the creation of Wonder Woman’s Injustice 2 Super Move (seriously). However, the story kind of falls apart when we go to Apokolips. Kara makes choices that don’t make sense, Darkseid is going after Supergirl because…? To spite Superman? Once again it doesn’t ruin the movie, but it does leave you scratching your head.

Overall Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is a good time. Some issues here and there, but you can easily look over then. The change in animation form the previous film is a little jarring, but the characters keep you invested.

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