Young Justice is about a group of young heroes who work a special ops team for the Justice League. The team’s mission is to bring down the Light, an evil organization that the main Justice League legally can’t get involved with. Season one dealt with the formation of the team and introduced us to the…Continue Reading “Review: YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION”

Review: YOUNG JUSTICE Season One

Young Justice season one is full of action, humor, and lovable characters. It’s serialized unlike the more episodic shows like Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League. This allows time to develop the relationships between the teenage super team. Under the care of Batman: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Zatanna act…Continue Reading “Review: YOUNG JUSTICE Season One”

Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE FATAL FIVE – Nostalgia Overload

Justice League vs The Fatal Five is our latest DC venture; and after the Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman and Harley Quinn; it feels like WB Animation wants to win back its fan base. Now, they’re returning to the well that put them the map – the original DC Animated Universe. Yes, this film takes…Continue Reading “Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE FATAL FIVE – Nostalgia Overload”

One day, the foster kid Billy Batson gets the chance to prove himself to be more than just a boy when he gets the ability to transform into a hero using one word. But a problem arises when a powerful threat emerges that threatens both him and his family. Before the movie started, I and…Continue Reading “SHAZAM! Review – DC’s Answer to Deadpool”

Rumor: THE FLASH Film to Start Production Later This Year

Fans of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen have had a rough time in recent years. There has been a will they/won’t they scenario regarding the film’s production. Now, we have a report from Geeks World Wide that Warner Bros. is looking to kick off The Flash production later this fall. Hopefully, this means that Miller’s solo…Continue Reading “Rumor: THE FLASH Film to Start Production Later This Year”

Kate Kane’s Step-Mother Cast In BATWOMAN

Kate Kane’s step-mother has been cast! Elizabeth Anweis will take on the roll as The CW’s Batwoman pilot’s production is coming near. She will play the wife to Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), and based on the character description Variety provided, might be a thorn in Batwoman’s side. Catherine made her fortune as a savvy, bullheaded…Continue Reading “Kate Kane’s Step-Mother Cast In BATWOMAN”

BATWOMAN Changes Directors; Dougray Scott Cast as Jacob Kane

We have an update on the Batwoman pilot! Jacob Kane has been cast; and the show gets a new director. According to Entertainment Weekly, director Marcos Siega has replaced the previous, David Nutter for the Batwoman pilot. Nutter has stepped away for personal reasons. He will still serve as an executive producer on the pilot….Continue Reading “BATWOMAN Changes Directors; Dougray Scott Cast as Jacob Kane”

Review: WONDER TWINS No. 1 – Wonder Twin Powers: Activate?

The Wonder Twins have been apart of the DC Universe for decades. Their most notable run was during the Super Friends in the 1970s. Now, they’ve made their return to the world of comics with their own series. Wonder Twins No. 1 is a crazy, weird, and fun time! Jayna and Zan are from the…Continue Reading “Review: WONDER TWINS No. 1 – Wonder Twin Powers: Activate?”

With Doom Patrol now airing on DC’s streaming service, I thought to myself what other properties would be a great fit for the DC Universe streaming service? I really do believe that superhero-properties fits better as TV-shows due to the serialized nature of the comic books. These are five shows we want on DCU! Justice…Continue Reading “FEATURE: Five Shows We Want To See On DC Universe”

Matt Reeves is Finally Moving Forward with THE BATMAN

Director Matt Reeves (War For The Planet of The Apes) has finally given us an update on The Batman. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Reeves shared a few new tidbits. Let’s break it down. “Right now it’s called The Batman, What it will be called ultimately, I don’t know. “ Matt Reeves The…Continue Reading “Matt Reeves is Finally Moving Forward with THE BATMAN”