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For as long as
people can remember, humans have struggled to find answers to several issues. These
questions reins from everything to the meaning of life, what comes after death
and what would happen if Batman was an anime
character. Luckily, we have finally got the answer to one of them. Now, in Batman Ninja, we follow Batman/Bruce
Wayne to ancient Japan when an experiment from Gorilla Grodd goes wrong. Now
Batman has to stop the villains that came with him during the accident as well
as find a way back home.

When I first heard about this movie, I first thought it was a joke. Then I saw
who the director and writer was. Junpei Mizusaki from Jojo Bizarre Adventure
fame, and Kazuki Nakashima from Kill a Kill and Afro Samurai fame. When those
names where revealed, it went from disbelief to “it all makes sense now.”

The positive
This movie is
just a pure delight for someone like me
who is both a huge Batman fan and also a huge anime/manga fan. It had the
tone and elements of a Batman flick while
having the insanity Japanese animation often brings to the table. The voice
acting (in this cause the dub) is superb. All actors do a great job to make the characters coming to life. My favorite
of them is Arrested Development’s own Tony Hale as the Joker.

Some of you might remember in my Superman Unbound review, is that I mentioned
how animation studios often like to blend 2D and
3D. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Here is a perfect study of a
movie doing it right. It is a gorgeous movie with its artistic choice of
artwork and animation.

The Negative.
You might remember
me pointing out that I’m an anime/manga
fan earlier in this review? Well, there
is a reason for that. While I think that this is a good movie, I can’t see me
recommend this movie to anyone unless you are an anime/manga fan. Another
negative is that the art style changes for a brief few minutes or so during the
middle of the movie. While the sudden
change was gorgeous, it was still a bit
distracting. The best example I can give is that you put on an Episode of Justice League Unlimited, that
changes to the look of Avengers Assemble for just a small portion of the episode before it changes back.

The conclusion
If you are an anime
fan, you will most likely like it. If you are a fan of both Batman and anime,
then Ninja Batman is something you have to see.

I give this movie 8/10 Ninja stars.

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