Top 5 Superhero Movies Not Based on Comic Books

With all the superhero craze these days, it is easy to forget the movies that are original superhero movies, i.e. not based on some previous material that the Avengers or Justice League is. So let’s highlight some of those movies, the best of the best. Or at least, my top 5.

5. Sky High
Sky High is a movie that, while not the most original in plot and perhaps not the most clever one at that, is a movie that is close to my heart. The movie is filled with charm and has a cast that works phenomenally well together. I always have a blast revisiting this movie. There are better ones out there, why it’s sitting at number five on this list, but it is still great.

4. Megamind
It’s not often you get to see the point of view of the villain, let alone have the villain win against the hero, which is what I find so refreshing with this whole movie. Megamind is a clever twist on the superhero genre with one of the funniest performances from Will Ferrell ever.

3. The Incredibles
You can’t have a list like this without mentioning The Incredibles. The Incredibles is a cultural phenomenon. While I’m not as big of a fan of that movie that most other people is, I can understand why people have it in such high regard, hence its spot in my top 5. Feel free to check out my review of the film for more thoughts. Let’s get on to number two on this list.

2. Hancock
Hancock is one of these movies that I find can’t understand how it did not get a sequel. It was the fourth on the list of highest grossing movie from 2008, bringing in over 600 million dollars at the box office. A lot of my love for this movie could be that I’m a fan of the Highlander franchise (the original and the TV show) influencing me to be such a fan of this movie. It gives me all the feelings Highlander, but our hero has superpowers and is a grumpy alcoholic. Please, Warner Brothers. Put the Deadshot movie to the side, and put Will Smith in the sequel to Hancock which should have happened years ago.

1. Unbreakable
Unbreakable is a fantastic character study and an interesting take on the superhero genre as a whole. I remember watching it back in 2000 and was blown away immensely by it. It’s one of the few western features that has inspired me (an anime and manga fanatic) to write my own stories. Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson work perfectly together in what is arguably a movie released at the wrong time possible. It’s movies like these that make the snowstorm of bad movies that plagued Shyamalan for years so much more disappointing.

What did you think of my top 5? Have a different movie you think should be up here? Comment below or tweet at us at @WOBAMEnt to let us know!

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