In this movie, we follow the Parr’s, a family of five where everyone has superpowers. Both Bob (Craig T. Nelson) and Helen Parr (Holy Hunter) are former superheroes that have now retired their heroic lifestyle. However, one day, their life changes when Bob aka Mr. Incredible gets a mysterious job offer.As someone that doesn’t have the same nostalgic connection to this movie, this was an interesting rewatch. How does it stand today, 14 years after it’s release? While it shows in its script that it was something that was created and released in the early 2000’s, with the animation quality a bit dated, it’s still a good movie. However, I have some gripes with it.One of the things is that I question is if this film should’ve be called Mr. Incredible instead. Yes, the family is joining forces in the movie, but that’s in the last act of the film. For the most part, we are following Mr. Incredible and his mid-life crisis. Don’t get me wrong, him having a mid-life crisis is a legit plot point to use in this scenario. His scenes alone work and are well executed. But he, just like the rest of the members of the Parr family’s scenes shines the brightest when they are all together.

To give a perfect example of what I mean. Imagine a Fantastic Four movie, where the main focus is on Ben Grimm (The Thing) only because the scriptwriters wanted to dwell deep into his mental condition after being the stone creature that he becomes,  making the rest of the team taking a back seat until the third act. You might think the scenes are great, but you have this feeling of wondering when they’re going to give you what you are paying.You want to see the team interaction.

The voice acting is great all around the board, with Holly Hunter being my personal favorite. Every actor makes a great job giving their character life and personality.

If you haven’t seen this movie for whatever reason, I can recommend you to watch it. While the tunnel to the gold is a bit longer then I hoped, it is certainly worth the drive.

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