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Review: YOUNG JUSTICE Season One

Young Justice season one is full of action, humor, and lovable characters. It’s serialized unlike the more episodic shows like Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League. This allows time to develop the relationships between the teenage super team. Under the care of Batman: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Zatanna act as a black ops team for the Justice League.

The show starts out with sidekicks: Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash [who is not the one named Speedy for some reason], and Aqualad visiting the Hall of Justice for the very first time. The kids think they are becoming members of the League, but it turns out that they were having a tour of the base. Batman, Green Arrow, The Flash, and Aquaman didn’t think the boys were ready for the big leagues. After being burned by their mentors, the young heroes decide to work their mission.

The kids soon discover a Superman clone, and he joins their side. After seeing what the young men accomplished, Batman decides that they should have their own team, including their base of operations soon after the kids are joined by; Miss Martian (niece of Martian Manhunter), Artemis Crock (niece of Green Arrow), and Zatanna (daughter of Zatara).

Together, the team faces off against a group known as the Light. The mystery of the Light is one of the most substantial parts of the series, so I’m not going to spoil it. Just know that it’ll keep you invested. The main characters are the real draw, like any great series. We see the kids grow to become best friends and the family dynamic you’d expect from the Titans or Young Justice comics.

New characters like Aqualad and Artemis fit right at home. Creators Greg Wiseman and Brandon Vietti put their spin on the DC Universe, and it’s one of my favorite takes. The respect they give characters like Doctor Fate, Captain Marvel, and Vandal Savage is incredible. Every aspect gets its time to shine. My only wish is that we got to spend more time with these characters. Though, that’s more of a criticism of the time jump in later seasons.

Young Justice season one is perfect. Plain and simple. With fantastic action, fantastic characters, and solid humor, it’s an excellent show for all ages.

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