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Now we find Superman facing one of his most famous foes. An entity is known as Brainiac.

The positive

The story is decent, the characters (for the most part) works well in the story they try to tell. The art style of the movie looked like it could be a mix of western and Japanese (anime). A blend that in theory shouldn’t work, but works well here. While the animation was good in general, there are flaws.

The best part of the movie is easily the voice acting.  Especially Matt Bomer and John Noble. The former does the voice of Superman (while being Henry Cavill’s twin brother by the looks of it.) and the latter voices Brainiac.

The negative.
Even if the movie looked good overall, the animation had one major flaw. That flaw was the sometimes lazy blend of 2D and 3D animation that you could see throughout the film. There is a second thing that I find to be negative, one that I would argue is a bigger issue than the animation. That part is the use of Supergirl. While Supergirl has an arc, it’s the execution that annoys me. The way the movie uses her feels like she is an exposition tool than anything else. No matter if the character would be Superman, Batman or what have you, using characters that way is lazy and apathetic.


If I had to rank the three movies I’ve now reviewed here on WOBAM Entertainment, Superman: Unbound would be at the bottom of them. But that doesn’t mean that it is a bad movie per say. It is a run of a mill Superman movie with a story that the animated Superman TV show did better. If you don’t have anything better to do, renting this is a good way to kill some time.  

I give Superman Unbound 6/10.
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