JUSTICE LEAGUE: Henry Cavill Says Snyder-Cut Wouldn’t Make a Difference

Henry Cavill spoke on the “Snyder-Cut” opportunity during his press tour for Mission: Impossible – Fallout. He doesn’t know if one actually exists or not, but he does think if one did exist, it wouldn’t make a difference. He says it might be entertaining, but it wouldn’t change what happened in Justice League, and ultimately it wouldn’t make money for the studio, so while it would be interesting to see the differences, the future is where it’s at.

In the interview with Yahoo, he also talked about his hopes for Man of Steel 2, and what comic book story he would like to base it around. Brian Azzarello’s For Tomorrow arc was one he specifically named, which has Superman trying to find his place in the world again, as well as overcoming guilt for not saving one million people (including Lois Lane), who vanished a year ago, and trying to get them back.

Source: Yahoo

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