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Villainy Incorporated: Five Villains for WONDER WOMAN

As part of
our celebration of Batman v Superman,
we turn our attention towards the future of DC Films and Wonder Woman.  Gal Gadot has a long journey in front of her
as she films her first solo film and will shift right into production of Justice League Part One come April but
she doesn’t have to do it alone.  After
all, a heroine is only as good as her villains and so the other day Paul
dragged me out of my Patty Spivot shrine, slapped me around and tasked me with
coming up with five villains to face off with the Princess of Themyscira on the
Silver Screen.
Now, there’s
plenty of ways I could organize this list but I’ve decided to go by biggest
lock to the long shots.  So, without any
further delay here we go:
Up first,
The Greek
God of war is one of Diana’s longest lasting rivals.  His first appearance in the comics was in the
summer of 1942 from the pen of Charles Moulton. 
He’s a logical rival for Wonder Woman as she’s long championed peace and
love from the start.  During the Golden
Age, the pair battled when Diana got in the ways of his plans of a world
engulfed in total and permanent war.
After the
Post-Crisis relaunch, Ares continued his prominent place in Diana’s rogues’
gallery.  He tried to trigger World War
III by launching missiles at the US and the USSR but was defeated when Diana convinced
him he would have no one left to worship him. 
He also teamed up with another Olympian enemy of Diana’s, Circe.
In 2011 when
DC launched the New 52, Ares was re-imagined as something of a mentor of Diana and the pair teamed up to take on The
First Born.  Unfortunately, Diana was
forced to kill Ares to defeat the First Born which meant she had to take on his
mantle as the Goddess of War.
Ares is
almost certainly a lock to not only be a villain in a Wonder Woman movie; it is
very likely that Patty Jenkins and Company have already tapped him with the
villain’s role for this movie.  The rumored plot has Diana chasing after Ares
in the past and presents as he tries to destroy the world by warfare and the
World War I period dress seems to at least corroborate, if not confirm, these
Chances of Appearing: 99%
number two is perhaps Wonder Woman’s best known villain, The Cheetah.  
There have been four people who have
acted as the Cheetah aka Priscilla Rich first appeared in Wonder Woman issue 6
but the version most people know is Barbara Ann Minerva.
Minerva was
a wealthy and well-known British Archaeologist sent to study an indigenous
people in Africa.  Her interest was
particularly piqued by a guardian of the tribe which was imbued with the
mystical power of a cheetah.  After
disaster struck her expedition as well as the people she was studying she took
the power for herself with disastrous side effects when it is learned the power
was intended for a virgin woman.  The
power left her nearly crippled with pain while in her human form and completely
overpowered with bloodlust while she was the Cheetah.
She first
crossed paths with Diana when she attempted to steal the Lasso of Truth for her
collection of rare artifacts.  Though
after those initial encounters her reason for attacking Wonder Woman became
more about defeating her to prove she is more powerful.
Like Ares,
she’s even teamed up with Circe from time to time prior to the New 52.  In the New 52, Barbara was reimagined as a
friend and college of Diana’s who was corrupted after coming into contact with
a relic of The Goddess of the Hunt and turned into The Cheetah.
Barbara has
appeared numerous times in DC Animated Projects, including Super-Friends, Justice League and a cameo in the Wonder Woman
direct-to-dvd feature and she had a prominent role in Justice League: Doom
In addition
to tangling with Diana numerous times, she’s crossed paths with Batman and
Catwoman in their titles as well.  All
this leads to an almost certainty that The Cheetah will square off with Wonder
Woman on the silver screen sooner or later.
Chance of Appearing: 95%
This brings
us to number three, Circe:
Circe is a
powerful witch from ancient Greece based upon the character in Homer’s The Odyssey.  Circe first appeared in Wonder Woman issue
thirty-seven in 1949.  She spent much of
the fifties over in Superman and Supergirl titles as a sometimes-ally and
comedic villain when she returned to Wonder Woman during George Perez’s
post-Crisis reboot she became one of Diana’s most dangerous enemies. 
imagined Circe as a daughter of Titans Hyperion and Perseis she became known
and feared for her ability to turn men into animals or control their minds.  The goddess Hecate granted her powers to
Circe which made her for all intents and purposes, a goddess.  It was this act that put her on her eventual
course of destroying Wonder Woman.  The
words that Hecate used to give Circe her power hinted that someone sharing the
power of the moon could take Circe’s power. 
When she learned that Wonder Woman shared her name with the Goddess of
the Moon, Diana she set out to destroy her.
Infinite Crisis, Circe gained even more prominence in the Diana’s rogue’s
gallery and even stole her powers for a time and later resurrected Diana’s
mother Hyppolyta and tricked her into leading the Amazon to invade the United
States in the Amazons Attack
She has even
appeared in DC Media, she had several appearances in Justice League Unlimited, most notably the episode; “This Little Piggy.”
Chance of Appearing: 80% 
Now, as I
said, this article started when Paul dragged me away from my Flash reviews and
slapped me around, so I feel obliged to break the rules a little bit.  So before I give you my out of the box
choices I present my “honorable mention:” Giganta.
Born as Dr
Doris Zeul, she suffered from a rare blood disease and in a bid to cure herself
tried to steal Wonder Woman’s powers however her mind ended up in the body of a
gorilla named Giganta.  While in the body
of the ape she abducts a circus strongwoman with the ability to change size and
takes over that body.  From there she
joined Villains Incorporated and later the Secret Society.
She was a
major player in Super-Friends, often in combat with Apache Chief (who also had
size-changing abilities) Justice League and had a fun cameo in the video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.
Chances of Appearing: 60%
Now to
travel from the realm of the obvious and likely to the high grass of the odd
and unlikely, we’re going to step outside of Diana’s Rogue’s Gallery and pick
from other places in the DC Universe.
Ladies and
Gentlemen, I give you Vandal Savage.
years Before the Birth of Christ, Vandar Agd was a Cro-Magnon
tribe-leader.  One night he was bathed in
radiation from a meteor Agd’s intellect grew exponentially and he became
immortal.  Prior to Crisis, he was an
Earth-2 villain and he often tangled with the Justice Society.  But his exploits are countless in DC’s
history; He helped destroy Atlantis, Conquered much of Asia as Alexander the
Great, conquered much of Rome as Julius Caesar and again as Genghis Khan and a
third time as Napoleon Bonaparte.  He
also murdered dozens of women Jack the Ripper. 
In the New 52, he played a part in the title Demon Knights alongside Etrigan and Madame Xanadu in the dark ages.
Much like
Ra’s al Ghul, Savage has the only ambition an evil, immortal genius would have;
Rule over the World.  He’s come close
numerous times and as a result he tangles with the Justice League.  He also shows little regard for human life
which would mesh well against someone as compassionate as Diana.
There’s also
one more thing that might make Vandal a good fit for a Wonder Woman
villain.  Vandal has had several children
through the ages but the one he respected most was his daughter, Scandal
Scandal is one of the more
prominent gay characters in DC and this would give DC the opportunity to
address the elephant in the room of Wonder Woman lore; Diana’s sexual
orientation.  From the start there have
been numerous hints that Diana is bi-sexual and facing off with Vandal and
Scandal Savage would be an opportunity to explore that in a film.
Now, as I
said, Vandal is a lot like Ra’s al Ghul and that is probably what hurts the chances
of this actually happening so I while I think the odds of Vandal showing up in
DC Films are pretty good.  The odds of it
being in a Wonder Woman movie aren’t very good.
Chances of Appearing in a DC Film: 60%
Chances it’s Wonder Woman: 15%
Still, those
are better odds than our next villain.
Now, stick
with your old Uncle Jason kids ’cause this is a bit obscure and crazy.  Have you met my friend, Maxie Zeus?
What did I
just say?  Stick with me here.  Originally appearing in Detective Comics
issue 483, Maximilian Zeus was a high school history teacher who went mad after
his wife left him and turned to organized crime.  After crossing paths with Batman and doing a
turn in Arkham Asylum he broke out and formed a gang of Olympian-themed
criminals.  He also teamed up with Ares
and his society the Sons of Ares and crossed paths with Wonder Woman.
It’s the
Olympian theme here that could make him a fun villain for Wonder Woman.  Who better to battle a man who thinks himself
Zeus reborn than a daughter of Zeus like Diana?
Still, I’d
expect to see villains like Crazy Quilt in a movie before we saw Maxie (and for the record we will probably never see Crazy Quilt in a movie, either.) but I
think there’s a lot to mine for a Wonder Woman movie if someone was ambitious
Chances of Appearing: I’ll be generous and
say 1%

So there you
have it, five villains to face off against Wonder Woman and a little bit of fun
to boot.  Come back to Watchtower
tomorrow for the next part of our 25 Days of Batman v Superman.

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