10 Villains We’d Like to See in Matt Reeves’ Potential BATMAN Trilogy

Matt ReevesThe Batman is set to relaunch the film franchise next year, promising new takes on the Dark Knight and his supporting cast. The film is set to introduce several iconic Batman villains – Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and Carmine Falcone. And that’s who we know of. With Reeves showing interest in doing a full trilogy, you can bet that the roster will continue to expand.

Batman has arguably the greatest rogues gallery in comic book history. So far, the films have done a solid job exploring that. With Reeves looking to further explore Batmnan’s lore, there are a lot of options for new villains.

Below, we list ten villains we’d like to see in the potential Batman trilogy, and maybe eve beyond.


Once a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s, Tommy Elliot became the supervillain known as Hush. The character has been one of Batman’s more unique enemies, as seen in the Batman: Hush storyline. There, he involved most of Batman’s rogues gallery (and even Superman!) in an intricate plot. Hush has been depicted in live action before on Gotham and Batwoman, but this is a character who definitely deserves a big-screen adaptation.

Hugo Strange

Dr. Strange (not that one) is one of Batman’s more peculiar enemies. In the comics, he is a psychiatrist who becomes one of the first villains to discover Bruce’s secret identity. He would be an interesting enemy for a Batman movie, where he can serve as more of a psychological threat than a physical one. He can also help expand the role of Arkham Asylum in this series.


Dr. Kirk Langstrom is a zoologist who, due to an experiment gone wrong, turns into a giant monstrous bat. The “Man-Bat” was set to be in the unproduced Batman: Unchained movie, but his live action debut is long overdue. He would be perfect for a more horror-inspired Batman story, and while a more grounded tone is ideal for these movies, the occasional fantastical character would be good too.


Bane has been depicted twice in movies, once in Batman and Robin and once in The Dark Knight Rises. One was great, and the other was….not. Regardless, the character’s Hispanic/Latino heritage has yet to be portrayed on film, and the new Batman series has the opportunity to rectify that. That’s the main reason why he’s on the list, as he has been on film before. But he is also a great character who can offer that rare balance of a physical and psychological threat to Bruce.


How Clayface hasn’t been in a movie yet is anyone’s guess. The most prominent Clayface is Basil Karlo, a B-list actor who develops shapeshifting abilities and becomes a supervillain. He is a unique character who can be a truly great movie villain if done right. I mean, imagine how great the visual effects can be for a big-budget movie…

Harley Quinn

Right now, it’s unclear how The Batman will connect to the DC Extended Universe, if at all. But if there were to be any crossover, one of the most obvious characters would be Harley Quinn. She has her roots in Gotham, she’s a familiar face to audiences, and she’s another female villain to add to the rogues gallery. Also, imagine the chemistry between Margot Robbie and Robert Pattinson.

The Phantasm

Unlike a lot of Batman’s villains, Phantasm was not a creation from the comics, but from Batman: The Animated Series. Originally Bruce’s fiancĂ©e, Andrea Beaumont is secretly an assassin/antiheroine known as The Phantasm. She debuted in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, which many consider one of the best Batman movies ever (animated or otherwise). She’s a great character who has a unique relationship with Bruce, and it’d absolutely be exciting to see in live action.

Court of Owls

The most recent creation on the list, the Court of Owls is a very unique force to be reckoned with. Created at the start of DC’s New 52, the Court is a secret society-type organization that resides beneath Gotham. This was one of DC’s best New 52 storylines, and one of the best modern Batman stories. The Court has been depicted on Gotham and Batman vs. Robin, while the group is rumored to be in the next Batman video game. Regardless, the Court would make for a fascinating opponent in live action cinema.

Mr. Freeze

If any Batman villains needs redemption on the big screen, it’s Victor Freeze. The character was infamously played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman and Robin, and that portrayal was…not good. Since then, Freeze has been regulated to occasional appearances on television or animated adaptations. But Freeze is a really fascinating character who absolutely needs a second shot on film.

The Joker

Y’all knew this was coming. Joker has been portrayed in almost every live action adaptation of Batman, and for the most part, he has been one of the most memorable characters. I mean, two actors (Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix) have won Oscars for playing him. Still, with Reeves creating a whole world of Batman on film, it’s hard to imagine him not tackling his greatest enemy sooner or later. Plus, this is something that is already being rumored

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