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Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 Episodes 2-6

Just like with the Eden Zero review HERE, the missing episodes of Attack on Titans will be reviewed all at once. When I last left them off, Eren and the gang had gotten ambushed by The Military Police.  To make matters worse, it looks like the leader of the squad that ambushes them is someone that has a dark history with Levi.

Where the anime is right now, shows perfectly why many calls this show Japan’s The Walking Dead. Instead of focusing on Titan killing action, there is now a lot more political conflicts inside the wall.

But honestly? I think Attack on Titans execute the “trust no one” scenario that a lot of apocalyptic stories tends to have (speaking about the franchise in general and not just the anime). To some people who scream “more Titan killing”. I argue that the story would be redundant if it only had that too it.

Right from the second episode, the animation problem is no more. It’s gorgeous to look at with action that is nailbiting to watch. The voice actors make yet again fantastic jobs with their performance. Maybe I should do a top 10 best voice actors soon? I don’t know. Let us know if you’d like to see it in the comments below.

If this keeps up, we hopefully have yet another jackpot of a season

Have you been keeping up with Attack on Titan season 3? If so, what do you think about it?  Comment below and let us know @WOBAMEnt on Twitter, or Facebook.
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