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Recap: ARROW S7 E3 – Crossing Lines

So we’re back with another Arrow review! Sorry for the delay but life got in the way. We’ll be using this holiday break to catch up. All reviews are going up as soon as I finished the episode. So I’m not caught up with current events (so episodes 4-6). It keeps things fun. I don’t want to review an episode and already know where the plot is going. So let’s talk about Crossing Lines.

With Oliver in prison, Felicity has taken the fight against Diaz into her own hands. She wants to join forces with Agent Watson, the very person who ended Team Arrow last season. This time Diaz and the Longbow Hunters are after this type of super soldier serum. Giving him superhuman strength (like he didn’t have it already). Felicity convinced Watson to work with her as well as Dinah and Rene. This was one of three plots in this episode. We’ll get to the others in a bit but first, we need to talk about Felicity.

She wants to stop Diaz and is willing to do whatever it takes, including sacrificing her friends (see the last episode) or getting Watson fired (who she roped into this mess). Now, Watson didn’t get fired, instead, she got relocated, but Felicity still knew that it was a possibility. She’s getting desperate and that makes her dangerous. She hid Silencer from Dinah and Watson just so she can deal with the situation alone. She’s lying to her friends, not trusting the law, and is going after a team that would give Oliver trouble, let alone someone with zero training. She’s broken and it’s pushing her down a dark path.

On the other side of the globe, we have Diggle and Lyla (and Curtis I guess) having the classic Arrow “Trust with your secrets” trope. It didn’t add much to the story, and it was resolved by the end of the episode. It felt like they stuck a filler episode in the middle of a non-filler episode. Thankfully, Ollie found a lead to Diaz in prison.

Oliver learns of this mystery character called “The Demon”. He’s apparently located in the second level of the prison, where they keep the worst of the worst. Who is he? What does he do? We don’t know but he’s Oliver’s only chance at Diaz so that’s all we need to know. Much like Felicity, Oliver is desperate, leading to him making bad choices. Like falling to this Fight  Club-esque ring. He took down just so he can go to Level Two. Is The Demon real? Is it a member of the Al Ghul’s? We’ve leveled up so let’s see where it takes us.

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