Review: BNA: BRAND NEW ANIMAL Season 1

A human-turned-tanuki named Michiru runs away to Anima City. There she hopes to get protection and answers. When she meets Shirou, a beastkin who can turn into a wolf, the answer might not lie so far away. Like A Whisker Away, I found this randomly on Netflix. It looked like it could be a lot of…Continue Reading “Review: BNA: BRAND NEW ANIMAL Season 1”

Review: A WHISKER AWAY (2020)

When Miyo Sasaki gets the chance to transform into a cat, she uses it with the hope of knowing more about the boy she has a crush on. Problems arrive, however, when the line between being human and cat becomes shorter. There are times where you find something at random. Be it the library or…Continue Reading “Review: A WHISKER AWAY (2020)”

REVIEW: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kusuo Saiki is a high school student who has been born with powers. Saiki is continuously in trouble that can reveal his abilities. Be it his friends or the girls that fall for him for an unknown reason. Sometimes, there is a show or movie in which there are next to no words to describe…Continue Reading “REVIEW: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”

Crunchyroll and HBO Max Announce Anime Launch Titles

Crunchyroll, the world’s largest anime distributor, is teaming up with HBO Max and will be a ton of shows to the platform. The two streaming giants announced their collaboration and the series coming to HBO Max at launch. Kevin Reilly, Chief Content Officer, for HBO Max went on to say: “Anime is a celebrated, diverse…Continue Reading “Crunchyroll and HBO Max Announce Anime Launch Titles”

PODCAST: Fire Emblem OVA Review

With the 30-year-old anniversary of the franchise, I knew that the Fire Emblem OVA would be something we’d cover, and a podcast episode would be the best way of doing so. So, I’m joined by Landon Beall and Brandon Alvarado. This is an episode filled with rants, anger against me, and straight-up laughter. Enjoy. For…Continue Reading “PODCAST: Fire Emblem OVA Review”

Review: DRAGON QUEST: YOUR STORY is a Car Crashing at Mach-5 Speed

Dragon Quest: Your Story is loosely based on the fifth game, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavily Bride. Here we follow Luca, as he tries to live up to his father’s (the mighty Pankraz) reputation. A couple of months ago, I reviewed Dragon Quest XI S for Revenge of the Fans. Because of this,…Continue Reading “Review: DRAGON QUEST: YOUR STORY is a Car Crashing at Mach-5 Speed”

Review: Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko)

Hodaka Morishma’s life turns upside down when he meets a mysterious girl called Hina Amano. A girl that is more then meets the eye with abilities out of the ordinary. Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko) is yet another movie from Makoto Shinkai, the writer and director of Your Name. Just like the director’s previous…Continue Reading “Review: Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko)”


The hit anime series, My Hero Academia just released its second feature film. Heroes Rising is not canon to the story of MHA, and this is very important when viewing, so just keep that in mind when watching. Does the film go Plus Ultra or does it crash and burn? Well, let’s discuss (no spoilers).  The…Continue Reading “MY HERO ACADEMIA: HEROES RISING Review – Not Very Plus Ultra”

Review: Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) follows Mitshua Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, two younglings who end up switching bodies with one and other, without any knowledge on what had transpired. When Your Name released in 2016, it took the world by storm. It became one of the biggest financial and critical successes for an anime…Continue Reading “Review: Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)”

Retro Review – Death Parade

In Death Parade, we follow the bartender Decim. When people enter his bar, they get forced to play a game. A game that decides if a person will end up in oblivion or win the prize of reincarnation. Death Parade is not an easy show to watch. Not because of the quality, but because of…Continue Reading “Retro Review – Death Parade”