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REVIEW: Famicon Detective Club The Missing Heir + The Girl Who Stands Behind (Switch)

The years are 1988 and 1989. Nintendo releases a pair of visual novels back to back for the Super Famicon (or as we know it in the west, Super Nintendo Entertainment System) named Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind.

For The Girl Who Stands Behind, the player is meant to solve a murder mystery at a school that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a missing student.

In The Missing Heir, the player is meant to solve a murder mystery while finding out the reason for his amnesia

Players that enjoy visual novels will feel right at home with its point-and-click gameplay. It is all about watching the surrounding areas for things that stick out and asking the right questions.

Like the adventures of Capcom’s famous defense attorney Phoenix Wright, The Famicon Club games are all about mystery. Is there truly a curse going on or is someone pulling a “Scooby Doo”?

Nintendo has truly gone out of their way to give these tittles some proper love. The animation is gorgeous, and every character has been given proper voice actors. It made me want to see an anime adaptation of it down the line.

In the United States, they cost $35 USD each. However, if you want both games, the second one becomes available as a $10 USD chapter. In Europe, there is a both-or-nothing bundle for a full-priced game.

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