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Superman vs The Elite is, like my previous review, based on a previous comic book called What’s so funny about the truth justice & the American way, and just like my previous review, reading it is something I haven’t been able to do. So the review is going to approach it like it’s a movie on its own.

In Superman vs The Elite, they cover the question of what true justice is. On the one hand, we have Superman, who believes that criminals should face punishment, but not to the point of death, while we have the rising group of Anti-Heroes called The Elite lead by Manchester Black who thinks that there shouldn’t be a problem to eliminate bad guy.

The positive.
If there is one key element that I want to give this movie credit for, then it is the story. This is a fantastic well-written story about a subject matter that is arguably timeless.

Superman vs The Elite is a movie where you can easily understand both sides (which is an important point when it comes to VS movies). The movie lets the scenes and characters breathe when they need to, and they build up all the necessary scenes. If you listen to the podcast, you will also now that this movie has my favorite Superman moment to date.

The voice acting is pretty much on point. I can’t recall anyone that voiced a bad line. The animation is well made too (although there is one part of it that I have an issue with but that comes later).

The negative.
Truth be told, I honestly don’t have that much negative to say about this movie. There is one thing, but that part is something that is arguably nitpicking. While the animation was really well made, I can’t say that I was a fan of the artwork, particular Superman. The way Superman looke made me feel like he was few inches away from looking like Stan from American Dad, cosplaying as Superman (and that was distracting, to say the least).

There are some few dialogues that extremely cringe worthy, but those are so few to the point that I don’t know why I bother pointing them out.

This is a movie that every Superman fan could like, casual, hardcore, you name it. I would even go so far to say that this is a perfect movie to introduce someone to Superman. Something I know that I easily will use if I get the chance too. I give Superman vs The Elite 8/10.

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