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4 Crossovers That Nintendo Needs to Do

Crossovers are nothing new for Nintendo. Just look at one of the most successful franchises of all time, Super Smash Brothers. While they have done other crossovers, such as Fire Emblem crossing over with Dynasty Warriors or Pokémon crossing over with Tekken; there is still plenty of potential for crossovers for Nintendo to consider. Here are list of suggestions:

Soul Calibur x Fire Emblem

With the success of Pokken (Tekken, but with Pokémon characters), you would think the next obvious step would be for Bandai Namco and Nintendo to make a crossover with their fantasy-themed 3D fighting game, Soul Calibur. With the fighting styles Soul Calibur is known for, Fire Emblem gives that world a fantastic variety of characters with varied weapon-based fighting styles.

Kid Icarus x Dynasty Warriors.

Yes, I know that the most popular choice for the next Dynasty Warriors is Xenoblade Chronicles. Even though I can see the appeal, there are several franchises that feel more fitting. One, in particular, is Kid Icarus. For those that are aware of the franchise, Kid Icarus is the franchise that stars Pitt and Pauletena. The reason I find Kid Icarus to be the next best option for a Dynasty Warrior-type game is simply the variety of enemies and weapons. Kid Icarus Uprising on Nintendo 3DS introduced a “fusing” system mechanic that players can use to manage their weapons. Add in the variety of enemies that game creator Masahiro Sakurai is known for, and you get a strategic element similar to Age of Calamity’s Sheika Slate.

Nintendo Party

As much as I love Mario Party, let’s face it: the franchise needs something extra (and not another car). People are often talking about how Mario Kart should go full-on Super Smash Brothers (which they sort of already did), which begs the question: why not do the same with Mario Party?

Nintendo vs Shonen Jump

This might sound like an odd suggestion, but hear me out. Going back to Super Smash Brothers, an infamous request by many is the space warrior himself, Son Goku. But considering Sakurai has come out and said that characters like him are why Mii Fighters are a thing, why not meet the folks halfway and create a game where The Plumber can duke it out against Shonen Jump legends. Someone like Arc Sync, Capcom, or Bandai Namco could make that crossover legendary.

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