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DC Universe’s Titans is finally wrapping production soon, but before that, we have a breakdown for one more character, courtesy of That Hashtag Show. According to the site, the show is looking to cast a character with codenamed David, a 20-something male with dark hair. David is described as a powerful and merciless individual, and he is kept as a prisoner in a mysterious lab. David would have a guest starring role in the show’s 13th episode (aka season finale), but has the option to be a series regular for future seasons. Omega Underground has also shared an audition tape for the character.

While the character is unknown, That Hashtag Show believes this could be Conner Kent, aka Superboy. In the comics, Superboy is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, created by Project Cadmus. That would match the character’s mysterious lab setting. Additionally, Superboy has a history with both the Teen Titans and Young Justice, so it’d make sense to bring him in here. We’ll have to find out for sure later. Titans premieres this year on DC Universe.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Wally West actor Keiynan Lonsdale is leaving Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular. He won’t be back as a regular on The Flash either. This news was surprising, since Legends just added the character in the middle of this past season. Now, we have an explanation why.
On Twitter, Lonsdale reveals that Wally’s exit was his call, as he wants to pursue a new path outside of the Arrowverse. However, he cautions that Wally isn’t gone forever; he just won’t be doing it full time anymore.

The Gifted will return for a second season on Fox this fall. This week, Marvel announced that actress Grace Byers is joining the X-Men-inspired series as a regular. She will play Reeva, described as “…a smart, charming, authoritative, elegant, beautiful woman who is ruthless in her efforts to fight for her people. She leads an elite band of followers and has a soft spot for her new recruits, but is still capable of extreme violence in defense of her vision.”

Reeva will be a part of Polaris’ new mutant team, which also includes Andy Strucker and the Frost sisters. Byers previously appeared on Fox’s Empire.

Another Fox series returning next year is Gotham, which will air its fifth and final season in 2019. It was reported previously that the new season will have a shorter episode order, and now, we know exactly how many.

During an Instagram Live (via Comic Book), Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicondova said that the show has been given a 10-episode order for its final season. This is a huge decrease from the show’s usual 22 episode order. So, Gotham will have 10 episodes to wrap everything up and transform Bruce Wayne into Batman. Should be fun.

Luke Cage is returning for it second season in a couple weeks, and there, the Power Man will reunite with Iron Fist. For the past year, Iron Fist’s characterization has been a frequent complaint about the Marvel Netflix shows, but Marvel is hoping to change that with the character’s next few appearances.

Speaking with AllHipHopTV (via Comic Book), Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker talks about his desire to use his series to redeem Iron Fist in the eyes of fans. “I’m arrogant enough to think that Iron Fist appearing on our show has a different sensibility. And so, it’s like – that’s the thing – I’m not dissuaded by that because Iron Fist, I think, is a dope character. And I think when you see Iron Fist within the realm of Luke Cage, and the way that we do things, I think -hopefully – that people are going to come to appreciate the character differently, and hopefully that swagger that he’ll get from appearing in the Luke Cage universe will carry over into [Iron Fist Season 2].” Luke Cage returns on June 22nd.

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