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How LUKE CAGE and IRON FIST’s Stories Can Continue After Netflix Cancellations

Netflix recently made headlines with the decision to cancel two of its Marvel shows, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Fans have talked a lot about the news, why the shows got cancelled, and what it means for the rest of Netflix’s Marvel slate. But one big question remains: What is the future of Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the MCU?

In the announcement on Iron Fist‘s cancellation, it was said that the character will “live on,” which led to speculation about a revival for Disney Play. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been anything on a potential comeback for Luke Cage yet. But both shows have plenty of potential for more stories, especially after their last seasons ended in big cliffhangers that might never get resolved.

Here, we will discuss some potential options for continuing the stories of Carl Lucas and Danny Rand…

Heroes for Hire
The most prominent fan theory regarding Iron Fist and Luke Cage‘s cancellations suggests that the two will be combined into a single Heroes for Hire series. This would make some sense, as the two have excellent chemistry together; in fact, many agree that they are more interesting together than solo. It could also resolve the cliffhangers from both shows in one series. However, Netflix seems to have no plans to add any new Marvel shows to its slate, and the characters’ solo shows have clearly not performed to the company’s expectations. Why take the risk to bring them back?
Defenders Season 2?
Luke Cage and Iron Fist previously teamed up with Jessica Jones and Daredevil on The Defenders, which was conceived as a one-off series. Despite this, Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb has said that the door isn’t completely closed on a second season, possibly with a new lineup of characters. A second season of this show, like Heroes for Hire, could be used to resolve hanging plot threads. But, again, Netflix seems to be in no hurry to renew this show or to create a new Marvel series.
Crossover with Other Marvel Shows
When Iron Fist‘s cancellation was announced, it was reported that Danny Rand would still appear in future Marvel Netflix shows. With Luke Cage cancelled too and The Defenders seemingly dead, that boils Netflix’s slate to three shows: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher. Luke Cage already has a history on Jessica Jones, while Danny was clearly inspired by Daredevil in The Defenders. The Punisher has been more standalone than the others, but that can be tweaked too. So, they could easily carry plot points over to the other shows….unless they get cancelled too.
Go to Hulu or Another Streaming Service
While Disney’s relationship with Netflix seems to be ending, the studio still has a majority stake in another service: Hulu. Marvel already has The Runaways set up on that platform, which will serve as a more adult-centric streaming service to contrast from Disney Play. So, it would make sense for Marvel to move at least some of its Netflix shows over to Hulu. Luke Cage and Iron Fist could have their third seasons there, or they could combine into Heroes for Hire. And hey, if Netflix cancels any other Marvel shows, bring ’em over here too. They could still move over to Disney Play, but with that service expected to have a family-friendly focus, that option seems less likely. Or, Marvel could team up with another streaming service, like Amazon Prime Video.
As you can see, there are several options on how to resurrect the two shows. But what if Marvel decides not to do it? The studio could let Luke Cage and Danny Rand stay in the grave. They could have renewed Agent Carter, which has fan support, but that show is still dead. Marvel TV may prefer to stick to its current shows on Netflix and ABC, along with new projects, rather than revive cancelled ones. There is still potential for more Power Man and Iron Fist stories, but maybe they won’t happen?
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