DEADPOOL 2 PG-13 Cut Gets a Title, New Release Date and More

A couple months ago, 20th Century Fox made headlines by announcing an untitled Deadpool movie for December of this year. It was later reported that this would be a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2. Now, we have details on what exactly this movie is, when it will be in theaters, and more.

The movie is called Once Upon a Deadpool, and it will have a limited theatrical run from December 12th to December 24th (aka Christmas Eve). The film is an edited version of Deadpool 2, bringing it down to PG-13. It will also have new footage in the form of a framing sequence, which is a bedtime story with Deadpool and Fred Savage that parodies The Princess Bride. This version of the film is three minutes shorter than Deadpool 2.

The framing sequence consists of eight scenes, which were all filmed in one day. Star Ryan Reynolds adds that for every single ticket sold, $1 will be donated to F*ck Cancer (which will be renamed “Fudge Cancer” in the movie promotion).

In the past, Fox was reluctant to make an R-rated Deadpool movie, until the studio conceded to Reynolds’ wishes and started a big franchise. Reynolds pitched the Once Upon a Deadpool concept to the studio, which was “eager” to test the franchise with a PG-13 cut. How audiences respond should be interesting.

Source: Deadline

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