SPOILER Review: SUPERGIRL (01×13)- “For the Girl Who Has Everything”

Supergirl (01×13)- “For the Girl Who
Has Everything”
Written by:
Ted Sullivan & Derek Simon
Directed by:
Dermott Downs
Okay!  So coming back from last week’s episode
Barry, Cisco and Dr. Wel-
Wait a
second! Something’s wrong here… The opening voiceover is a little more feminine
and Jesse L. Martin looks strangely like Calista Flockhart.  Oh that’s right! Michael had some scheduling
conflicts and I’ll be reviewing this week’s episode of Supergirl for you.
Boy, what an
episode it is too!  This week, Benoist,
Kreisberg, Adler and Company tackle “For the Man Who Has Everything”
by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons. 
One of the five greatest Superman stories
of all time (and that’s not just me talking, look up greatest Superman stories
and you’ll see it in just about everyone’s top five) and spoilers: They do a
pretty damn good job of it.
The episode
was intended to be the season/series finale had the rest of the season not been
picked up and it shows.  You can definitely feel it by the end.  Everyone comes out swinging; particularly
Benoist, Flockhart and Chyler Leigh.  If
you’ll recall my mid-season review of Supergirl
(HERE) I said that the show works best when Benoist and Flockhart do most of
the heavy lifting and that I was hoping for more for Chyler Leigh as Alex. 
We get that this
week; we see Alex desperate to save her sister, even at the cost of her own
life.  Whether that means beating up
Maxwell Lord, traveling into Kara’s mind or even convincing Hank to Cosplay as
Kara, Chyler is kickass this week and it couldn’t have come too soon.
Flockhart is
allowed to take the brakes off as Cat punishes “Kara” for hurting her
son and it was fun watching her cruelty. 
Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan do a good job accenting both women’s
with theirs by alternating between walking on eggshells in front of Flockhart
and Leigh’s confident backup.
But it’s
Benoist who shines here.  Where Alan
Moore’s original story worked so well was by showing Superman as a man with a
near perfect life pining for something he only knew of in the abstract.  Krypton was Clark’s idea of his home, the
idea of being with his birth family. 
That pain would be even more pronounced for Kara as she actually
remembers her home. 
I also liked
that everyone around her was a bit too stiff, I had thought it was just the
young man playing Kal-El but when I was able to re-watch the episode I realized
that everyone was playing the scene as though they were acting a part.
When she
returned to the real world, she radiates with rage as she pummels Non.  Then only moments later she shifts gears
again to say goodbye to Astra and Benoist helps you feel the weight of all of
Speaking of
Astra’s death, the final five or six minutes of the episode set up the conflict
for the final act of season one with a lot of intrigue which we will address
That’s not
to say there weren’t stumbling points. 
Intentionally stiff or not, the kid playing Kal-El wasn’t that great.  Also, I wish they’d have ditched the classic
Kryptonian writing in favor of the script created for Man of Steel and the
scene of Alex trying to wake up Kara dragged on a little too long but this was
a satisfying episode.  It would’ve made a
great season finale but as a set up for more to come it whets my appetite and
raises the bar for the series.
All in all,
they took possibly The Greatest Superman story ever told and made it their own.
(Calm down Alan Moore, just because you’re an immensely talented writer doesn’t
mean I don’t think you’re a bit of a jerk. #TeamMorrison.)  My hat is off to the cast and crew.
Now, just
because this isn’t the Flash doesn’t mean we haven’t learned anything so
presenting Three Things and Three Questions on loan from the gracious and kind
man who runs the Flash Spoiler review and the Church of the Sainted Patty
Three Things We
Learned This Week:
Kara thinks about Krypton when she feels lost.
There is some sort of inter-galactic black
market on Earth.
Myriad is online.
Three Questions:
How will Kara and Non react to Astra’s death in
the long run?
What will happen if Kara learns here sister was
the one to deliver the killing blow?
Lastly, what is Myriad and why does it make me
think of this symbol?

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