FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 7×08- “The People V Killer Frost”

The Flash (7×08)- “The People V Killer Frost”

Written by:         Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza

Directed by:       Sudz Sutherland

Alright! Welcome back!

So we have a quick cold open where Kramer meets with the clearly-not-quite-right ARGUS agent and they hint that whatever Kramer is doing is going to cause problems.

They we’re over to STAR Labs where Frost is out awaiting sentencing and the gang is sounding a bit less like Barry is a charter member of the Justice League and more like they’d subscribe to this guy’s newsletter:

Cause guys you’re definitely sounding like the “We know better than you petty humans” crowd and that’s not cool.  But it’s mostly the frustration talking. That will have to wait, the Cosmic Force alarm has gone off in Keystone and readings indicate Fuerza.  Barry and Nora head off probably expecting to find chaos and destruction but all they find is a bunch of medical workers giving check-ups to homeless people.  Maybe Feurza’s not so bad?

Back in Central City, it’s time for opening remarks at Frost’s sentencing hearing and while Cecile is waxing poetic it seems like the prosecution is going hard in the paint. They want to force her to take the meta-human cure.

I guess we know what Kramer was doing.

The gang (minus Barry, Iris and Nora) meet up to discuss what’s going to happen now that Cisco’s meta-human cure has come back to bite them all on the ass in a way that any fan of civil liberties could have told you was coming way back when Cisco was inventing it (I know because I did) and now they’re scrambling and again… Coming off very much Team-Ozymandias in their plans but Frost reminds them that she didn’t turn herself in just so the team could go authoritarian on everybody.  She turned herself in to answer for what she’s done. But the question remains, why has Kramer decided to huge so hard after Frost?

So Cecile, Joe and Frost leave to figure out that question but unfortunately Caitlin, Cisco and Allegra were not convinced and Caitlin apparently has a plan.

Back at STAR Labs, Iris is trying to use the satellites to help Barry and Nora narrow down Fuerza but she’s nowhere to be found… and Nora’s getting squirrely.  She wants to find the other Forces and destroy them, Iris isn’t so sure about that plan but her readings lead them to Alexa Rivera, the woman in charge of the medical drive.

Over at the CCPD, Caitlin, Cisco and Allegra put their plan in motion. Cisco temporarily hacks the cameras remotely while Caitlin distracts the officer at the front desk leaving Allegra to sneak into the armory and use a little Cisco-tech to neutralize the cure stockpile they have there.  Everything seems to be going fine until Allegra runs into Kramer so Caitlin has to help finishing the job with no time to spare.

With that out of the way, we return to Barry, Nora and Alexa and apparently while we were gone their conversation turned a bit icy because Alexa has a chip on her shoulder due to her past and that’s before Nora flips out on Alexa.  They return to STAR Labs but Barry and Nora haven’t finished their argument and now it’s Nora that is team authoritarian as she wants to kidnap Alexa and test her without her consent while Iris warns her that things don’t work that way.

Back at the Courthouse, Cecile sets up Joe to make a hell of a Joe speech on Frost’s behalf and it seems like things might be okay.  Until the prosecution informs the judge about Team Flash’s attack on the cure stockpile and their (perfectly reasonable) belief that Frost was behind it but “Good News” they still have a dose of the cure thanks to Kramer’s visit to ARGUS during the cold open.  Good work everyone! You not only didn’t solve the problem you made Frost look even worse!

The group gather and Caitlin has gone into full freak-out mode.  Frost asks to speak to Caitlin alone and the two start arguing when Caitlin tries to get her to take the cure.  Caitlin doesn’t want to lose Frost but Frost points out that taking the cure is not a solution.

Barry goes to talk to Alexa as the Flash to try and convince her but it turns out Alexa strongly suspected she’s Fuerza.  She had been blacking out for a while at times when Fuerza appeared and she was scared she was going to hurt someone.  Barry promises to help her and the two head off to STAR Labs.

Back at the CCPD Joe has arranged for Frost and Kramer to have a face-to-face and Kramer admits two things: First, that she trusted a meta while she was in the military and it got a platoon under her command wiped out and second she’s using Frost to set a legal precedent that would make sure that any criminal meta could be compelled to take the cure against their will if convicted of a crime.

When they return to court, Frost decides to speak on her own behalf.  She talks about how taking a meta’s powers by force is different than something like gun control because their powers are part of them and to make sure she can’t be used as a weapon against other metas in the legal system she asks for life without parole.  As Frost is being led out of the courtroom the meta Norvock (he used to work with Frost when she worked of Amunet) says that he’ll make sure the rest of the City’s metas know what she did for them so I’m sure that everything’s resolved now and there’s no way that metas will face persecution ever again.


The judge agrees and sentences her to prison.  Later, Kramer comes to talk to Joe in his office before she leaves.  She tries to explain what she did and Joe tells her that while he understood what she did she crossed a line and she has to do a better job of knowing how far she can go in the future.

At STAR Labs, Barry, Iris and Nora are ready to run a test on Alexa, essential exposing her to a tiny bit of cosmic energy to see if she reacts and when she does Nora springs into action by going full Palpatine.

See the source image

Barry tries to stop her so Nora attacks Iris instead but that was a feint as when Barry counters her attack Nora takes the energy, combines it with her own and uses it to seemingly kill Alexa.  As she stands over Barry, Nora closes the episode by telling him that it’s time to choose a side.

Interesting episode to return with.  First and foremost, I am glad that they’re revisiting the cure and what it would mean once the government got involved.  I thought there was a lot of meat for them when they introduced the cure concept in season five but I was worried that they wouldn’t want to tackle it because it’s a sticky idea.  Still, there’s a lot that could go horribly wrong here so we’ll have to see how things go.

The Fuerza/Nora plot is just as tricky here.  I mean, you’re kind of making the source of Barry’s powers the villain here, so it’s going to be tough for me not to sit here and wonder why Nora would even let Barry have his powers if he’s going to act against her so they’ve definitely decide to attack the season on hard mode and I admire that.

So while not a lot “happened” in terms of action but the plot moved forward a lot and so far I like what I see.

Things We Learned:

  1. Kramer was trying to get a legal precedent set to force metas to give up their abilities.
  2. Frost voluntarily went to prison for life without opportunity of parole to stop Kramer.
  3. There may be growing civil unrest over the existence of metas (represented by Norvock’s appearance.)
  4. Barry Nora and Iris found Fuerza and Nora attacked her.


  1. Was Kramer acting on behalf of the government in the prosecution of Frost or had she gone rogue?
  2. Will Frost remain in prison?
  3. Will the meta situation continue to deteriorate now that they know that the government is out to control them?
  4. What did happen to Kramer’s unit that cause her to pursue this?
  5. Did Nora kill Alexa?

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