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OFFICIAL: The Amateur Otaku Podcast Joins WOBAM! Entertaiment

Ladies and Gents, It is my pleasure to announce that The Amateur Otaku Podcast, the quintessential podcast for seasoned viewers and newbies to the world of Anime and Manga; is joining the WOBAM! Entertainment family.

My co-host Isak Wolff, a longtime contributor at WOBAM, and I, are extremely happy for this team-up; because it will open up new avenues for people to discover awesome anime shows and will increase the footprint of the show as it continues to grow in its second season. We also love working with the WOBAM team. This opens up the possibilities of them joining in our antics as guest stars to our ever-growing episode library.

If you are interested in discovering what we are all about, check out our episode archive! We’re on Anchor, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube, and plenty of other streaming websites where podcasts are available.

Starting this week, as a new episode of The Amateur Otaku goes live on every streaming service, it goes live on WOBAM for y’all to enjoy.

Looking forward to an awesome time with these awesome cats here at WOBAM!

Have it awesome! Peace,

Brandon Alvarado, The Scarlet Fan

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