DC TV Bits: HOURMAN Plot Details, A “Very Famous” Double Homicide In GOTHAM, And An ARROW Teaser

Bleeding Cool has been on a roll today with DC movie and television news. In addition to news of a Young Justice live action series and a slew of low budget movies being developed, the site now has plot details for The CW’s Hourman drama, as well as a plot point in the Gotham pilot. We also have a cryptic new teaser for Arrow hinting at Solomon Grundy’s appearance and other things to come.

In the comics, Hourman is a character that gains superpowers from a drug, and only has these powers one hour a day. The CW is twisting this in the planned television series, which will be scripted by Michael Caleo and executive produced by Dan Lin. Apparently, the show will be influenced by Dial H for Hero and even Fantastic Four. “Because the proposal is that the drug Miraco from the comic book series, in the TV show will have a different effect on each person who takes it, summoning different powers and abilities based on their personality, enhancing existing talents or abilities tenfold, but with terrible side effects. And a different person will get the powers each week…”
We know very little about Fox and Bruno Heller’s upcoming series Gotham, which will focus on a younger James Gordon as a detective. Now, we have a potential plot point for the pilot. The script apparently sees Gordon “trying to solve a very famous double homicide.” This immediately brings to mind the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. This would make perfect sense, especially since Batman himself will not be in this series. 
Finally, we have a mysterious new teaser for what’s to come on Arrow. It further hints at the role of Solomon Grundy, who is confirmed to make an appearance in an upcoming episode. The teaser also alludes to a vigilante and a hooded archer other than Oliver Queen. Check it out below, and you can watch Arrow on The CW Wednesdays at 8 PM. This week’s episode guest stars Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin).  
“Born on a Monday…”
Someone else survived the island.
Amanda makes an offer.
A better use for that clocktower. 
What is the question you should have asked?
Ollie is not the first vigilante.
Not all hoods are green.
A blank expression.

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