Leaked Page From THE FLASH Script (2011) Featuring A Key Post-Credits Cameo

Back in 2010, a year before Green Lantern hit theaters, screenwriters Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and Michael Green were working on not only a sequel to that film, but an adaptation of The Flash. Of course, Green Lantern‘s critical and financial failure made the future of both projects uncertain. While there are apparently no plans to bring Green Lantern back to the big screen, The Flash was more recently reported to be on track for a 2016 release, with Berlanti possibly directing. Geoff Johns and Chris Brancato are also said to be involved with writing the script. Additionally, rumor has it that The Flash will make some kind of appearance in 2015’s Batman vs. Superman, most likely as a cameo. 
While we wait for more news on the Scarlet Speedster’s big screen debut (as well as The CW’s planned pilot, which will likely be completely separate from the movie universe), a page from the Berlanti-Green-Guggenheim script has found its way online. Via Superhero Movie News, the following page features the final scene in the script (which has reportedly been scrapped), as well as an after-credits scene. The scene features an appearance from a key member of the Justice League. Read the page below to find out who exactly.
Had Green Lantern been a success, this scene probably would have featured Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan, hinting at a future team-up between the two (most likely Justice League). However, as previously stated, this script has apparently been scrapped. And when The Flash finally gets his movie, it will most likely be with a separate script. 
Stay tuned to Superhero Movie News tomorrow, as the site will be sharing a spoilerific review of the entire script. 

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