Vibe Will Reportedly Feature In The CW’s Potential FLASH Series

After appearing in the two-part mid-season finale of Arrow, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen will return in his own spin-off pilot as The Flash. Like Arrow, it will feature plenty of familiar faces from the DC Universe, and we now know of one such character. According to Moviehole, Hispanic superhero Cisco Ramon (aka Vibe) will appear in the pilot, and will be fighting crime alongside the Scarlet Speedster. He will reportedly then become a series regular if he is well-received. Moviehole has the following description of Vibe for the series: “In his 20s, the cheeky Ramon fought his underprivileged upbringing to become one of the smartest, most talented chaps around; when it comes to mechanical engineering, there’s nobody better. Somewhat of a metahuman, the guy’s main power is his ability to emit powerful vibratory shock waves.” 

Vibe has received more recognition within the past year. He was made a member of the New 52’s Justice League of America alongside the likes of Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter. He also starred in his own comic series, Justice League of America’s Vibe, which was cancelled after ten issues.

As for The Flash, we know that Iris West and her father, Detective West, will feature. Ghostbusters‘ Ernie Hudson is apparently up for the role of the latter. The pilot films in Vancouver in March, and if ordered to series, it will likely premiere on The CW sometime next fall.

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