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New TITANS Details Tease a More Mature Tone

This week, DC officially unveiled its forthcoming digital service, DC Universe. At the heart of the platform is a slate of original shows, beginning this year with Titans. Now, we have some new details on what to expect from the series.

Splash Report has been sent an early review of Titans‘ first episode, and it dives deeply into the episode’s story. While we won’t be running down every detail here, the review suggests that this show won’t be family friendly. According to it, Titans will have everything from F-bombs to brutal violence, putting the series in R-rated (or TV-MA for television) territory.

The action in particular is said to be graphic, featuring bone-snapping, shootings, and people being burned and mangled. The reviewer says this is easily DC’s darkest show yet. While Netflix’s Marvel shows maintain a more mature tone, they are primarily grounded in realism. However, Titans will fully embrace the characters’ fantastical roots in addition to the grounded fights.

The rest of the review runs down the episode’s introduction to three characters: Robin, Raven, and Starfire. Here, Dick Grayson has distanced himself from Batman, and he’s currently a detective working in San Francisco. Rachel Roth deals with difficult relationships due to her powers. Starfire is the most mysterious figure. The episode concludes with a “satisfying” ending that also sets up the rest of the series.

Overall, the review is very positive, recommending Titans even to fans who normally avoid DC’s shows. For the full review, click HERE.

Titans premieres later this year on DC Universe.

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