NBC Chairman Talks CONSTANTINE Pilot’s Tone And Chances Of Crossing Over With Other DC Shows

At TCA today, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt talked with IGN about the recently ordered Constantine television pilot, which will be executive produced by David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone. When asked if it would be mostly influenced by the general DC Universe or John Constantine’s supernatural horror roots, Greenblatt said that despite the darker elements, the pilot has a “fun” tone. “I don’t know the DC comic very well, but there is dark, interesting stuff in it, but it’s also got some witty banter. It’s a fun tone, although the supernatural stuff is scary.” 

With a slew of DC television shows announced last year, many fans have been wondering if they will be connected to the DC Movie Universe and/or each other. Fox’s Gotham has been confirmed to be completely separate from both the DCCU and The CW’s Arrow/Flash universe, while there are apparently no plans to integrate the latter onto the big screen. But will Constantine connected to any of these properties? Greenblatt had this to say on the subject. “Cross-network is really hard. It’s hard enough to do it within your network. I think let us see how the pilot goes before we answer that question!” 
John Constantine is also expected to feature in Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie. The director has said before that he is opening to connecting it to the Constantine series. However, development on the film is moving slowly, with many doubting that it will end up being made. Should Constantine stand-alone like the other DC movie and TV properties, or should it share its universe with another franchise?

The pilot for Constantine was ordered by NBC this past week. If ordered to series, it may premiere on the network as early as next fall. No details on casting or production are known.

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